Android One comes to the US at last with the Moto X4

When it first launched in June 2014, Android One was envisioned by Google as a way to bring the mobile platform with its latest updates and features to easily accessible budget phones in developing markets. It’s now branching out to target more countries with a wider range of devices, with the new Moto X4 that’s debuting in the US as an example. The Moto X4 is the first Android One handset to … [Read more...]

iOS 11 will annoy the hell out of design nerds

Apple is usually lauded for raising the bar for product and interface design, since way before it launched the first iPhone. But designer Ryan Lau has noticed a number of design issues in iOS 11 which lead him to believe that the company’s software development division is no longer paying as much attention to detail as it once used to. And he’s right. In an exhaustive post over at Hacker Noon, Lau … [Read more...]

Bassheads will love Vava’s $26 wired ‘gaming’ earphones

Even though we’ve had Bluetooth wireless technology for years now, I’m still a sucker for wired earphones simply because there’s no battery to worry about charging up. What’s more, most of my wired sets sound far and away better than my wireless earphones. That’s why I was happy to try out Vava’s new ‘gaming’ earphones. The Fremont-based company, which also makes speakers and other products, is … [Read more...]

This is the most metal thing you’ll see on the web today

It really doesn’t get more br00tal than this. Tell me you’re not pumped for this title with its claws-out soundtrack. Fishing Planet, an upcoming PS4/PC fishing simulator, has the best game trailer on the internet right now, along with some gorgeous graphics. Prep your bait for its release on August 29, when it’ll be available to play for free. … [Read more...]

3 things SoundCloud should do to stay afloat

SoundCloud gave music fans quite a scare last month when it laid off nearly half of its staff – people thought the indie music platform was going to go belly up in a matter of weeks. Luckily, it got a new lease of life last week when it scored a $170 million investment that should help keep the lights on for a good while. The deal also mandated that CEO Alexander Ljung would be replaced by Vimeo … [Read more...]

Patent troll who tried to patent podcasting thwarted at last

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced this week that it’s put an end to the threat of content creators being sued for recording and distributing podcasts, after a court ruling affirmed that the patent for the process was invalid. In 1996, a Beaumont, Texas-based firm was granted a patent for ‘disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence,’ which came to be … [Read more...]

Intel VR boss: VR will revolutionize gaming for players and spectators

While there’s plenty of noise about VR in the tech industry, it’s hard to get a handle on how it’s evolving and what it’ll spell for gamers in the years to come. To learn more, I spoke to Frank Soqui, Intel’s GM for virtual reality gaming, about the future of VR and interactive entertainment at this year’s Intel Extreme Masters esports tournament in Katowice, Poland. The company has been investing … [Read more...]

Amazon and Google’s voice assistant speakers could soon become your next landline

While most folks are ditching their landlines because they now have a phone with them wherever they go, they might make a comeback as a feature in voice assistant speakers, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ’s sources, Google and Amazon are considering adding the ability to make and receive voice calls to the companies’ Home and Echo devices respectively. They’re currently … [Read more...]