The One Thing that Will Fix Your Business Finances Forever

In the past I’ve talked about the business systems you need to take back your work day. And I’ve also explained the ten things I do every week to automate and streamline my business. These are strategies I’ve put in place as way to reduce stress and gain more freedom as a business owner. And I always share my ideas and strategies to help you too! I mean, no one wants to be tethered to their desk … [Read more...]

How to Stop Business Cash Flow Problems and Finally Get Paid on Time

Here are Careful Cents headquarters, this month is all about Organizing Your Small Business Finances and today I’m talking about how to stop business cash flow problems. In order to get back to a positive place with your money, the first step is to get your cash flow under control. That way,you can finally be on the path to not hating your finances! Getting paid on time, and keeping a … [Read more...]

10 Best Sites to Buy Cheap Office Supplies For Your Business

With back-to-school season in full swing, I’m getting the itch to browse the office supply store shelves and go wild. And there are lots of ways to score cheap office supplies on a budget! As you begin restocking your home office or small business space, get creative. Try purchasing from a reputable site, or checking out a new company you haven’t tried yet. Thanks to the internet, there are … [Read more...]

Why I Quickly Transitioned from Freelance Writer to Virtual Assistant

A couple months ago, I did an impromptu Facebook Live on my Careful Cents Facebook Page. I had a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head about whether I should transition from freelance writer to virtual assistant. For the past year or so, I’ve been struggling with the direction of my business. It just felt like I was doing the work but without any real purpose in mind. As a business owner you … [Read more...]

How to Budget With Irregular Income to Avoid Going Broke

Being self-employed is tough enough without having to learn how to budget with irregular income. But without this skill, your business could be making you broke. You’re not alone in this feeling — I regularly get questions related to this subject in my inbox. It’s something we all deal with as small business owners. It’s tough to balance finding new work, getting paid, and … [Read more...]

7 Things I Did to Stop Stressing About Money (for Good)

Earlier this year I had enough. I wanted to stop stressing about money once-and-for-all. I’m not sure if you know this, but money is stressful. It creeps into every part of your life and then next thing you know, you’re stressed out, worrying all the time, and not sleeping. Sound familiar? Or is that just me?! For my entire adult life, I’ve stressed out about money and my career. As someone who … [Read more...]

Betterment Review: Automate Your Investments to Quickly Build Wealth

According to the Retirement Confidence Survey, more than half of American workers have less than $25,000 in retirement savings. As someone who’s self-employed we have a bit more control over our finances. But even then, it’s tough to save for retirement when you have irregular income. This is why many retirees are being forced to come out of retirement to find jobs to support their … [Read more...]

10 Simple Time Management Tips to Rock Your Workday

Finding simple time management tips that actually work is harder than you might think. Should you strive for better focus management, or a good morning routine? When trying to take back your time it can be confusing with so many bits of advice available. How do you know which ones will actually work? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but I’m here to give you some much-need help. As … [Read more...]

Change Your Mindset: 8 Meaningful Ways to Stand Out as a Female Boss

When you’re a woman in a man’s world, specifically the business world, it can be hard to gain traction. You’re not always respected or paid as much as a man is paid. This is not my opinion, but actual facts, which makes it more difficult to build a successful business. Take James Chartrand, founder of Men With Pens. Her story is quite shocking (yes, her!) as James is the pen name of this … [Read more...]

How to Simplify Your Financial Life and Be More Mindful

Are you looking for new ways to simplify your financial life? Let’s get real, managing your money and business isn’t easy. And I totally get it! I am always seeking new ways and tips to become more mindful in my life and business. I strive to be a mindful consumer, thoughtful eater, and smarter spender. If these are your goals too then I have some tips that will help you get started. … [Read more...]

How to Be a Critical Thinker and Conquer All Your Money Problems

Learning how to be a critical thinker takes time and a lot of patience. But in the end it’s the key to solving any problem that life throws at you. Life is full of obstacles, whether they’re financial issues, mental problems or physical setbacks. But in order to be a successful business owner and manage money on your terms, you have to learn how to overcome them with critical thinking. In my … [Read more...]

Bring Back the Spark: 12 Powerful Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Business

Throughout this month I’ve been talking a lot about business burnout. I opened up about how to find your passion when you feel lost and unmotivated. Then I shared how to reduce stress and overcome feelings of burnout successfully. Finally, I explained the one true tactic I use to solve every single problem I have. But I’m not stopping there! Recognizing business burnout and going … [Read more...]

How to Eliminate Distractions and Be More Productive at Home

To best way to optimize your time as a business owner is to be more productive at home. But how do you eliminate distractions during busy months? The summer months are one of the most overwhelming and crazy times of the year. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you handle it. If you’re planning on making huge strides in the growth of your biz, you might as well know that … [Read more...]

10 Compelling Reasons to Take a Break from the Constant Hustle

There comes a time in every business owner’s life where you just need to take a break. Maybe you’re not sure what the next step is. Or maybe you just reached a big goal and need some time off. Whatever the reason is, every entrepreneur deserves a break from creating, building, growing and learning. The problem though, is that we create more excuses for reasons NOT to take a break then … [Read more...]

Focuster Review – Focus Management Software for Business Owners

Focus management is an up-and-coming idea where you use tools and apps to focus more and have better productivity. And as a small business owner we can use all the focus help that we can get. Am I right?! In past articles I’ve talked about how I use Asana to manage client projects and deadlines. I’ve shared the exact details of how to eliminate distractions and be more productive when … [Read more...]

Reclaim Your Time: How to Stay Focused While Working at Home

Learning how to stay focused while working at home isn’t always easy. It takes practice and time to find out what routine works best and what times of the day you function most. When I first quit my job to be my own boss, I was so excited to take back the one thing that I felt was stolen from me: my time. After all, that’s one of the biggest perks of being your own boss, right? You get … [Read more...]

How to Pre-Plan Your Work Week So You Stress Less

Have you tried to plan your week and failed to get into a good routine? I know the feeling. I’ve learned that how I plan my week determines one of two things. I either have a great week where I’m super productive, or become so stressed out that I get nothing done. Either way, I can look at my schedule and accurately determine how the week will go and what needs to expect. There’s still room … [Read more...]

Surviving Ups-and-Downs: How to Succeed as Your Own Boss

To succeed as your own boss often seems like an up-hill battle. There are many ups-and-downs you’ll face and it can feel like you won’t be able to survive them all. How do I know this? I’ve been personally experiencing major peaks and valleys for this entire year. And let’s just say, it hasn’t been easy. When you work for yourself you tend to question everything you … [Read more...]

Online Time Tracking: How to Use Google Calendar as a Time Journal

Online time tracking is seriously one of the best kept secrets. It’s by far the easiest way to accurately price your freelance rates as well as work towards being more productive. I mean, how will you know how long a project takes you (and thus, find ways to improve) if you don’t know how long it takes? Keeping a time journal has been a vital part of running my business for many years … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances and Declutter Your Business

A change of seasons means it’s time to spring clean finances and declutter your business. This is a super important task to do every year as it can help you find more efficient ways to get things done. As tax season recently came to an end, you probably got a pretty up-close-and-personal look at your money. I realized I’m paying waaaaaaay too much money in taxes (can you relate?). So … [Read more...]

LASIK Eye Surgery: An Insider’s Look at the Cost, Recovery Time and Results

After wearing glasses for six years I decided to pay for LASIK eye surgery. Yeah I know, it sounds terrifying. I felt the same way! I mean someone is cutting into your eye with a laser! So much could go wrong. Or at least those were my fears! But as someone who works at a computer for a living, my eyes have taken a beating in the past few years. They’ve slowly been getting worse and I wanted to … [Read more...]

Work-Life Balance: How to Have a Better Life as Your Own Boss

As freelancers we aim to have a better life while doing meaningful work. For many of us that means being our own bosses! The thing is though, that we also want to be attentive friends and parents, and provide for our families. And trying to do all of these things at once can seem impossible. According to a Pew Center Research analysis, over 40% of American households with children under the age of … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Best Small Business Accounting Systems for 2017

Sifting through multiple small business accounting systems is time-consuming and quite the headache. And I should know! As an ex-accountant and small business advocate it’s my job to test out different programs and share my honest findings. The good news is that I don’t mind putting in the work so you don’t have to. I’m all about working smarter not harder and being able to earn more money in less … [Read more...]

The 3 Best Small Business Credit Cards for Earning Cash Back

I’ve been a business owner for nearly 6 years and in that time I’ve learned the importance of cash flow and running a lean business. So today I’m sharing the best small business credit cards for earning cash back. It’s the best way to maximize all the money you spend investing in your small business. I mean, you work hard for our money! You deserve to make the most of … [Read more...]