Why youtube marketing is Important?

YouTube Marketing is the most underutilized marketing tool at present. With billions of users and millions of views every day, youtube has become an encyclopaedia. More and more people are using videos to solve their problems, learn new things and for entertainment. If your business hasn’t started youtube marketing yet, you must begin NOW. Here are some important things you must know Youtube can … [Read more...]

How being organized helps entrepreneurs?

A successful entrepreneur – this term has become more of a buzzword for everyone gets fascinated by these three words and it seems like everyone dreams of being related to these words at one point of their life or another. Trust me! It is difficult to actually be a successful entrepreneur. Not only you need a business idea and work hard on it but also you require a lot of changes in your personal … [Read more...]

5 Kinds of people that help you to be an entrepreneur

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? It is extremely important that you surround yourself with right kind of people that help you be in the right kind of environment and state of mind so as to utilize your full potential and establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur. While my post clearly pointed out 5 kinds of people you should avoid in order to be an entrepreneur, I thought it was important … [Read more...]

5 kinds of people to avoid to be an entrepreneur

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you have that brilliant idea in your mind which would definitely convert into a million dollar company? But there is something that is stopping you from pursuing your dream. What is it? It might be the people around you. Yes, the kinds of people you surround yourself with can make a great impact on the probability of you becoming an entrepreneur. Here are 5 … [Read more...]

Interview With Founder of Lawnmower

Three classmates got together to provide a world with another amazing tool that could help them in their day to day life. They wanted to help you in your efforts to save money and hence Lawnmower was launched on April 9. Only within a few days, this startup has managed to create a lot of buzz. And that’s how it caught our attention. So, our team thought of interviewing the founder Alex Sunnarborg … [Read more...]