Microsoft is selling the IntelliMouse Explorer again, but screws up the sensor choice

Few computer peripherals are as venerable as Microsoft’s IntelliMouse Explorer, an old series of office mice so well-rounded they were once one of the most popular choices for professional gamers. Now Microsoft has brought it back to life with the new IntelliMouse Classic, making my nerdy heart skip a beat. It’s available from the Microsoft Store now for $40 bucks. Too bad it seems the company … [Read more...]

Report: Amazon’s next Fire TV will double as an Echo

Amazon’s next flagship Fire TV will come with advanced voice assistant capabilities, according to a report by AFTVNews. If the leak holds up, Amazon is basically combining the Fire TV and Echo lines into one all-powerful set-top box. Leak images show a new device shaped like a cube with volume buttons and holes for the far-field microphones. A blue LED strip matches the classic Echo aesthetic, … [Read more...]

Report: Google will save HTC’s smartphone business with a buyout

HTC’s phones have been struggling to make a dent in the Android market for years now, but the company may soon have a savior: Google itself. Digitimes reports (via Taiwanese publication Commercial Times) that HTC is in the “final stage of negotiation with Google for selling its smartphone business unit.” It’s not clear yet whether Google is planning on buying HTC’s smartphone business entirely, or … [Read more...]

The Surface Laptop’s i7 configurations now come in pretty colors too

The Surface Laptop is an excellent PC, but we were sad to see the gorgeous color options were only available on the Core i5 configuration at launch. That’s no longer the case, as you can now pre-order the i7 model in Cobalt Blue, Burgundy, or Graphite Gold as well. You have two i7 configurations to choose from: 8 GB Ram / 256 GB storage, or 16 GB RAM, 512 GB storage. That should cover most people, … [Read more...]

Alexa and Cortana are teaming up, and that’s good for everyone

Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are teaming up. The companies today announced integration between the two services, allowing you to access Cortana’s features from Alexa, and vice versa. As it stands, voice assistants are walled gardens, with too many options to choose from. I have both Google Assistant and Bixby on my phone, Cortana on my PC, Siri on my iPad, and Alexa on my Echo. I can’t … [Read more...]

WSJ: Apple to announce the iPhone 8 at September 12 event

The wait is nearly over: Apple is announcing its next iPhone on September 12, according to the Wall Street Journal. The timing lines up with the usual iPhone announcements. This time around, however, the company is reported to be revealing three devices. One is the fancy, nearly bezel-less iPhone 8 we’ve heard so much about, while the other two are likely to be the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, with less … [Read more...]

Report: Google is bringing the Assistant to iOS users

It was only a matter of time: According to a report on Android Police, Google is planning on bringing the voice Assistant to iOS soon. This could happen as soon as Google’s I/O conference this week, but the exact timing isn’t clear. The report suggests the app would be a blend of the Assistant’s chat functionality – as seen in Google Allo – and the voice features in the main Google app. Of course, … [Read more...]

Microsoft now lets any developer create Cortana skills

Following up its promise from December, Microsoft has opened up the Cortana Skills Kit preview for developers. That will open up Microsoft’s AI to numerous new custom abilities. To make it easier for to get started, Microsoft says developers can simply reuse the a lot of the code they’ve created for Alexa or the Microsoft Bot Framework. These skills will work on any device Cortana is available on, … [Read more...]

Apple TV may be getting Amazon Prime Video at long last

Amazon’s Prime Video TV service may be available on Apple TV later this year, according a report by Recode. For those not keeping track, Amazon hasn’t exactly had a smooth relationship with some of its competition in the video streaming space. The company’s Prime Video service is not available on Apple TV or most Android TV devices, and the company has ignored Google Cast in lieu of its own … [Read more...]

Razer’s new mouse tries to prove wireless peripherals don’t have to suck for gaming

Choosing the best mouse for competitive gaming largely comes down to preference and just a few key specs, but there’s one consistent piece of advise you’ll hear from gamers: don’t buy a wireless mouse. At least, that was the thinking until relatively recently. Now Razer wants to prove wireless peripherals can operate on a professional level with its new $140 Lancehead mouse. See, though wireless … [Read more...]

Amazon unveils Echo Look, a $199 AI assistant that gives you fashion tips

In something of a surprise announcement, Amazon just announced a completely new category of Alexa-powered device. Say hello to the Echo Look, a $199 voice and camera powered AI assistant that is meant to help you dress better. Yes, you read that right: it’s main purpose is to give you fashion tips (and get you to buy clothes off of Amazon). Great, now robots are judging my outfits too. It works … [Read more...]

Instagram’s new ‘collections’ make it a lot easier to organize your favorite images

Back in December, Instagram added a feature to allow you to save your posts into your own private stockpile. Starting this week, you’ll be able to save these photos into your own private collection. Basically, they’re just folders for your saved images. After all, once you’ve saved a several dozen photos of cute puppies or hipster pastries, it might get a little tedious to sort through them all. … [Read more...]

Samsung won’t sell zombie Note 7s in the US

Samsung announced just yesterday that it would bring the Note 7 back to life through a refurbishing program. That might’ve elevated your spirits if you were one of the people who held onto their device for dear life, but unfortunately it will do you no good if you live in the US. In a short statement provided to Reuters, Samsung said it “will not be offering refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices for … [Read more...]

Google Maps now lets you share your location with your friends

The Google Maps team is on a bit of a roll. Fresh after adding shareable bucket lists and parking reminders, Maps can now share your location in real time as well. It’s a pretty nifty implementation. Open the side menu or tap on the blue dot indicating where you are, and you’ll see a new “Share location” option. Pick a few people to share with, and they’ll be able to see where you are in real time … [Read more...]

HTC teases “unexpected surprise” on March 20, perhaps the HTC 11

HTC is teasing some kind of announcement for March 20. The company’s Taiwan Facebook page posted an image saying ‘Spring is coming,’ along with a caption that Facebook translates to “HTC will give you an unexpected surprise.” It’s logical to think the announcement may be the HTC 11, a successor to the excellent HTC 10. Given the 10 was announced in April 2016, the timing seems about right. But I … [Read more...]