4 Tips to Build Your Online Business through Blogging

I filmed a video with my friend Alonzo Pichardo about how to build your online business through blogging. This video has already generated over 2,500 views in a few hours so it’s gaining traction quickly. Click the play button to watch it. I want to flesh out some of the points we made in the video to drill home what it takes to build your business online through blogging. 1: Be Honest Be … [Read more...]

1 Successful Blogging Lesson from Snow Salting in NYC

I just walked around New York City after some steady snow. OK; I slid around New York City after some steady snow. Most folks did an OK job salting their sidewalks. Some did not. Far from being a post dealing with snow removal etiquette, I spotted a neat analogy between blogging and snow salting. The Solution, Burns and Stains Slippery, snowy, slushy sidewalks are dangerous to traverse. I almost … [Read more...]

Are You Struggling to Find Clients for Your Blog Coaching Business?

Blog coaching is a lucrative, enjoyable income stream for any aspiring blogger. If you are helping people blog through your blog posts why not offer premium services designed to solve your reader’s problems? This stream is rewarding but challenging to work for most bloggers. Many of us have or had mental blocks concerning our abilities to successfully coach folks. Few bloggers develop the … [Read more...]

Are You Asking Yourself this Blogging Question Daily?

“What freeing, uncomfortable thing can I do today to grow my blog?” Asking this question opens a world of opportunities for you. Why? Opportunities flow to bloggers who exit their comfort zone regularly. Freedom occurs when you unbind yourself from your fears. Here’s an example; I woke this morning at about 8:20 AM. I immediately jumped into an icy cold shower for 15 seconds. The … [Read more...]

1 Tricky Danger of Building an Email List

Build your email list to your heart’s content. List building is one of the most powerful ways to drive blogging traffic and profits. Hands down, you should be building an email list from day 1 of your blogging journey. But beware one tricky danger of growing your email list. Watch this video as I explain why you need to be careful with this marketing strategy. Building an email list rocks … [Read more...]

1 of My Worst Blogging Mistakes and What I Learned from this Massive Boo Boo

12:06 AM. No way in hell I’d be up at this hour writing a guest post. Why in the Hades would I waste my time with that? What would I be getting from the ordeal? Traffic? Profits? What was in it for me? I suffered through a terrible blogging mistake for years. Even when I had some success I made this common blogging boo boo, muting my wins, and amplifying my losses. What was my biggest screw up … [Read more...]

3 Powerful Blogging Community Builders

Blogging communities build successful blogging careers. Without a community, you may as well publish a cyber diary. Blogging isn’t a one way street. Having a loyal, engaging, sometimes rabidly focused community around your blog enhances every element of your blogging campaign. Traffic jumps when your email subscribers share your new post on social media. Your profits grow as loyal readers … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Be a Nicer – and Successful – Blogger

Being nice prospers you as a blogger. No joke. Nice bloggers are showered with opportunities. Nice bloggers open doors that folks who aren’t nice never seem to find, and sure as hell never open. Watch this video of me in New York City chatting about a blogging tip for the ages. Bonus clips; I fend off an aggressive Tom Cat and show off my newly found yoga skills too: When you are not known, … [Read more...]

1 Fun Tip to Overcome Damaging Shyness and How it Helps Your Blog

Believe it or not, Rye used to be a shy guy. I was highly self conscious. Even years into my blogging career. I worred about other people’s opinions of me. I fretted about their opinions of my blog. I was shy. Really shy. My shyness made my blogging journey terribly difficult. Namely, because if you want to become a successful blogger you need to master the art of connecting with human beings. Shy … [Read more...]

5 Blogging Fundamentals to Promote Your Success

Success finds the blogger who sticks to the fundamentals. Failure finds the blogger who strays from the fundamentals. If you are geesed up – excited – to build a rocking blog follow these 5 fundamentals. Follow the basics persistently. Build a life of freedom through this fabulous medium known as blogging. 1: Follow Your Passion Ya gotta love blogging to really rock it out. You also … [Read more...]

1 Struggling Blogger Assumption that Kills Your Chances of Succeeding

2:44 PM. On a Monday afternoon. I have spent hours today watching my 17 month old niece. She can’t nap because today happens to be the day where she outgrew her crib. Factor in a late work day start – up until midnight last night working – and you have a jam-packed busy day that became busier with that little bundle of energy running around for 4 hours. I still published a post … [Read more...]

How to Write and Publish 400 Posts on a Single Blog

  OK. 409, technically. I have written and published 409 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone. I learned a neat lesson during this guest posting blitz; the more you share, the more you enjoy sharing. Some bloggers fear writing 5 guest posts monthly. I often write 5 guest posts daily because I have learned that if you practice a skill, you become more skilled in that area. Instead of burning out … [Read more...]

1 Tricky Mental Block that Handcuffs Non Native English Speaking Bloggers

I chat with my non native English speaking buddies quite a bit. I have many readers from India and Pakistan, among other international locales. One tricky, quite difficult to embrace, mental block handcuffs some of these awesome, rocking bloggers. What is it? Being a skilled, fluent English writer but not guest posting or blog commenting for fear of believing that their English is not good enough. … [Read more...]

4 Travel Bloggers Misconceptions

I have to laugh. Even though I am a blogging tips blogger I also travel blog. Look up; that’s me in Fiji with an office assistant, from a few years ago. Weird, colorful and humorous misconceptions seem to be associated with the travel blogging niche. Unfortunately, many aspiring travel bloggers never bother diving in with both feet because they cling to these lies and make excuses. I want to … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You Need to Work on Your Blogging Mindset

As within, so without. The success you see on the outside reflects your inner world. The energy you choose to vibe at reflects back to you through: your level of success your level of failure your experiences As a pro blogger I had a helluva time embracing this idea. For years, I struggled to build a successful blog. I eventually saw some worldly success but worked like mad for the results and … [Read more...]

1 Way to Sell More eBooks that Doesn’t Seem to Be Related to Selling eBooks

Ooooohhhhmmmmm. Did you know I meditate daily? Did you also know that meditating daily can play a huge part in you selling more eBooks? Watch this video as I discuss: Detaching from Fears Meditating is a simple practice that makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings. At its core, this sounds easy enough, right? Sit. Watch. Observe. Release. Cool. But most people do not see the immense blogging … [Read more...]

1 Common Blogging Mistake in the Profits Department

I read a post from a top earning blogger the other day. Said top earner has raked in some serious coin over the years. He routinely makes a healthy amount of cash on a daily basis. After sharing his income, many followers note how it took him 10 years to reach that point of earning a hefty paycheck on a daily basis. Which is not totally true. Because being online for 10 years did not earn him a … [Read more...]

1 Time Focused Tip for Handling Blogging Criticism

This morning I came across someone who commented on one of my posts through a social network. The person noted the post was OK but lacked substance. Not enough tips. Not enough value. Said reader observed how one section of the post lacked any real meat, being void of practical tips to drill home the point I made through the sub heading. On re-reading the sub heading he spoke of I counted 4 clear, … [Read more...]

1 Pressing Fear Preventing You from Doing Live Broadcasts

Fear. Sneaky emotion, it is. I knew of live broadcasting on sites like Facebook, Periscope and YouTube for months. But I avoided diving into the live broadcast game. I cowered to my fear of criticism. I worried about trolls finding me, criticizing me and exposing me through live broadcasts. I resisted the fear. The fear grew. Eventually, I hit the broadcast button, went live and fell in love with … [Read more...]

1 Find from the Closet and How Your Morning Routine Changes to Become a Pro Blogger

Human beings are funny. You like me see someone online – a blogger or entrepreneur or whomever – living some dream life, and assume they always lived the dream, based on a split second snap shot. Call it the Facebook effect. Or whatever you’d call assuming that a split second of happiness makes someone lucky or blessed or talented or brilliant, for their entire lives. Yesterday, … [Read more...]

1 Incredibly Sweet Blogging Benefit and the Price You Must Pay to Receive it

I got pulled into a YouTube binge watching tornado last night. I felt like I could not get out. The gravitational pull reeled me in, keeping me in front of the Chromebook, demanding me to watch the endless travel or vlogger videos. I was caught in the loop. Most of the videos seemed centered on Bali. Either way, I could literally feel the freedom seeping through my screen as I wanted to be in … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Become an Efficient Guest Poster

I have written and published quite a few guest posts over the years. I see one pressing problem though in the guest posting niche; many bloggers waste their time with inefficient activities. I get guest posting pitches daily. Guest posting is permanently closed on my blog. I don’t even include a guest posting link. Why do individuals contact me to pitch me? These folks aren’t aware of … [Read more...]

How to Profit through Blogging While Keeping Your Reputation

Making money through blogging means little if you lose your reputation. I recall a well known blogger making an honest, helpful but reputation-destroying admission when I first began blogging a long time ago. He admitted that he was not the 6 figure blogger he claimed to be. I give him credit for admitting that he was lying. In the same breath, he lost his reputation and vanished from the online … [Read more...]

1 Missing Ingredient in the Blog Post Automation Secret Sauce

Yesterday I retweeted someone. I enjoyed seeing their travel photo. I hit the RT button. I chatted with the person, letting them know I enjoyed seeing their travel photo. Said individual chatted with me, letting me know, “no sweat.” The tweeter whom I engaged then Liked and RTed about 10 of my prior posts from the day. Most of those posts were automated. Those RTs led to link clicks, … [Read more...]