How to Increase Blog Traffic: Quora

Quora is a well-known Question and Answer platform through which you can drive blog traffic. Tap into a high volume of targeted people who want specifically what you have to offer on your blog. Avoid spamming, share value, be persistent and you will attract readers to your blog through Quora. I see comments from readers who note how they found me through my answers on the platform. Follow these … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Feature Other Bloggers

Life is good. Over the years, I planted the seeds for driving blog traffic by featuring other bloggers via quick snippets on my blog. Many of these rocking, successful bloggers became my friends. Said friends promote me tirelessly, around the clock, from all corners of the globe. Why? I tapped into a powerful, passive form of driving blog traffic: featuring other bloggers. This sounds … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Guest Posting

As we continue with ways to increase blog traffic I want to dive into guest posting. When I asked my Facebook Friends the other day how they drive blog traffic Zac Johnson noted how guest posting is probably the best way to increase traffic to your blog. I agree with him. You get sweet SEO benefits plus introduce yourself to established, loyal audiences. I have written and published over 1,000 … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Make Friends with Influential Bloggers

Everybody wants to befriend influential bloggers but few know how to go about bonding with blogging big dawgs. I want to share 7 tips to help you build meaningful, lasting, prospering relationships with the most successful bloggers in your niche. When you get these down cold you will see increased blog traffic, greater profits and even more prospering opportunities opening up for you on the … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Effective Blog Commenting

Blog commenting. One of my favorite ways to increase blog traffic. As we move forward in our series on boosting blog traffic I want to share a vastly ignored but super powerful way to drive traffic to your blog, like bees to honey. Effective blog commenting builds friendships with other bloggers which leads to long term traffic, through cross-promotion. Sweet, right? But short term, effective blog … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Promote Other Bloggers

Do you want to figure out how to increase blog traffic through a simple, easy to follow strategy? Watch this video as I explain: Online Traffic and Offline Traffic I snapped the featured image for this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam. Traffic is kinda heavy there with millions of motorbikes on the road. Getting a surge of online traffic to find its way to your blog gets easier if you will get over … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Trimming Blogging Fat to Boost Online Profits

Trimming blogging fat is a simple way to boost blogging profits. Letting go of unclear, not necessary, distracting widgets, posts or pages helps you get clear on your blog. If you get clear you align yourself with profitable ideas, prospering partnerships and all manner of profit-building experiences. As I release my new eBook: How to Trim Blogging Fat to Boost Online Profits I want to share 10 … [Read more...]

5 Things to Do When Your Blog Is Offline

Blogging From Paradise is offline today for maintenance. I want to share 5 things I’ll be doing today to grow my blogging business despite my blog being offline. It is too easy to complain about down time but in all cases, it is what it is, meaning, being a pro blogger means accepting outages. In today’s case, my blog is being migrated to a new server. In other cases my blog has been … [Read more...]

1 Profitable Way to Handle Blogging Pitches

After receiving a few pitches to join affiliate networks I want to share how I handle these pitches to help folks and to boost your profit potential. One blogger reached out to me from a fairly established site in the digital nomad niche. The blogger asked me if I wanted to promote an affiliate opportunity for a prospering partnership. My plate is full on the affiliate front unless a trusted … [Read more...]

1 Tricky Blogging Income Secret

My blogging income did not grow until I learned to let go. Letting go old, tired, worn out or vanishing blogging income streams is the secret to establishing new, profitable, prospering income streams. Few bloggers appreciate or even uncover this secret because fear clouds their minds, evaporates their vision and mucks with their blogging income in more ways than you would ever believe. I know. I … [Read more...]

How Does Your Morning Routine Affect Your Blog?

I recall waking up, prepping 2 bagels for consumption and turning on Sportscenter to ready myself for my 9-5 job some 20 years ago. Sometimes I tossed in the regular news to stay abreast of national and world wide developments. I admit it; I was a dope. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I filled my belly – which is OK – as I filled my mind with fear-based news. … [Read more...]

1 Blogging Assumption You Don’t Want to Make

Have you ever seen a successful blogger and believed that things must have come easy to them? Or maybe you assume that an established, pro blogger is a natural, someone blessed with immense talents that they never needed to work at. Some people tell me that I make blogging look easy. From how I write to my videos to much of what I do online, folks tend to believe that this journey was simple, … [Read more...]

1 Common Blogging Question Answered

“How can you make money blogging?” This is one of the common questions I get from new or even established bloggers who have yet to crack the income code. I filmed a video answering this question – and 9 other common blogging questions – on YouTube to help you on your blogging journey: I think of making money through blogging as a 2 step process: practice creating content … [Read more...]

1 Analogy That Inspires You To Buy Blogging Products

I see many people excited to buy blogging products and services. Some spend money freely and easily to accelerate their blogging success. A portion of folks though have problems spending money on premium products and services to become a successful blogger. These bloggers would rather not spend money, adding years to their learning curve. If you are in this lot peep this analogy to learn how you … [Read more...]

How to Shift from Confused to Clear Blogger

Confusion. Every blogger’s enemy. Clarity. Every blogger’s best friend. Blogging gets easier for me every day because I do things mainly from a place of clarity versus from a place of confusion. I clearly take a few simple steps daily to have fun, to help folks and to build bonds which lead to pleasant outcomes. But I do not give much thought to outcomes. I am so busy with having fun, … [Read more...]

8 Dangerous Assumptions to Make about Successful Bloggers

I am super excited to release my new blogging eBook. I wrote this bad boy after seeing many talented but mislead bloggers struggle like a fish flopping around on the concrete. Flashback; I recall seeing sardines flipping and struggling and gasping for air on the sidewalk in Istanbul, Turkey. Tough to watch. But in the same regard, it is just as tough to watch struggling bloggers being bound by … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Prune to Succeed with Your Blog

9 years ago I spent 3 hours daily copying and pasting a squeeze page link to 300 plus Facebook Groups. Imagine where I would be today if I was still mired in this fear-based, low energy, non helpful, BS, failure-ridden marketing strategy? I sure would not be guest posting on Blogging Tips. No way in Hades I would be creating blog posts on Blogging From Paradise either. No way I create the blog, … [Read more...]

7 Lessons I Learned from Writing 300 Guest Posts on Blogging Tips Dot Com

Woohoo! Today marks my 300th guest post on Blogging Tips! I feel grateful to Zac for extending this opportunity to me. I feel even more grateful to be able to have fun writing these words and to make a living out of it. I have been a full time pro blogger for years. I live a pretty neat life, circling the globe through my blogging exploits. No doubt, writing and publishing guest posts here has … [Read more...]

1 Blogging List Building Meme that Needs to Go

However badly you want to believe it, the money is not in the list. Many bloggers may tell you this. More bloggers will point to stats. Some may desperately point to their profits, begging or imploring you to build a list because without a list, this crowd believes you won’t make money. But this is not true. Totally, 100%, not true at all. I filmed an HD video explaining why this is one blogging … [Read more...]

1 Tip to Bring You Blogging Success

As I was reading a chapter of 1 of my 126 eBooks I noted a turning point in my blogging career. This defining moment occurred when I did things mainly for fun and freedom versus blogging from a place of fear. How many of my past struggles would have dissolved in seconds if I made this shift nearly a decade ago? Who knows? But I spend little time bemoaning the past because all we have is the … [Read more...]

What Mayweather-McGregor Teaches You About Successful Blogging

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I reminded myself of this idea before seeing the results of the Mayweather-McGregor fight recently. I saw this success-promoting concept after the fight too. Watch this video as I explain how the fight teaches you a successful blogging lesson: McGregor trained for boxing, for months. Mayweather trained for boxing, for years. Does it surprise you that … [Read more...]

Successful Blogging and Earthquakes? 1 Lesson I Learned From Living through 3 Tiny Tremors

1 weird lesson emerged from me living through 3 earthquakes. Granted, the quakes were not too impressive. Just tiny tremors. But in the same vein, each of the earth shaking experiences – kinda – had an impact on me because I learned a successful blogging lesson from this trio of tremors. I explain the lesson I learned from each of the quakes in this video from Harlem, NYC. Bonus: at … [Read more...]

1 Mistake New And Experienced Bloggers Make

I just walked through Time Square in NYC. Everywhere I looked I saw evidence of the “B” word. No, not “Biddulph.” “Branding.” Before Biddulph traveled to NYC today he filmed a video in the crib explaining this 1 mistake common to both new and experienced bloggers. Most bloggers think “How can I get something out of this blog?” Versus “How can I … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Write and Self Publish eBooks

Writing and self-publishing eBooks has been a fun, prospering experience for me. I want to help ease your self-publishing journey by laying out 3 simple steps to write and ship these suckers. I filmed an HD video explaining the steps in detail. Watch as I discuss: These 3 steps are practical, helpful and lay the foundation for writing and self-publishing your first eBook. The big challenge I faced … [Read more...]