3 Tips to Boosting Blogging Profits Steadily over the Long Haul

If you cannot seem to crack the blogging income code you probably are skipping the fundamentals. Following these 3 basic steps sets the foundation for building a rocking, successful, income generating blog. Step 1 is beyond key; it is at the core of successful monetizing. Unfortunately most bloggers skip this step in their fear-based desperation or greed to make chedda through their blogs. … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Driving Blog Traffic through Live Videos

3….2……1…..and you’re live! I am addicted to live videos. I admit it. I am a live broadcast junkie. I do one live video on Facebook and Periscope daily. Here is my latest Facebook live broadcast: Today I want to help you drive blog traffic through this inspired, trust-building, brand-expanding online medium at your disposal. This is a free way to grow the foundation … [Read more...]

1 Source of New Blogger Struggles and How to Dissolve it

2,000 plus videos ago I was a newbie video creator and a newbie blogger. This was 10 years ago. I was terrified to do most anything, blogging-wise. Which is the exact reason why I struggled so much. I worried about everything; my guest posts would be rejected or criticized, nobody would watch my videos, I had not even dreamed of writing eBooks because nobody would buy and read them, and the list … [Read more...]

1 Chief Factor in Becoming a Pro Blogger for the Long Haul

I am tired. I have a run around NYC in about an hour. At 11:51 AM, EST, I have published my post for the day. I also wrote and published a travel-themed page on Blogging From Paradise. I checked my email and responded. I checked my social media sites. I did live broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook. I am writing this guest post. I published my Facebook Live broadcast on The Huffington Post as a … [Read more...]

1 Blogging Lesson Learned from a Tough Situation in the Andes

5 years ago I found myself hunched over a toilet in Cusco, Peru, among the massive Andes mountain range. For 12 hours. Not a pleasant situation. Bad potatoes. Food poisoning. Not good. I did learn a critical blogging lesson though. Watch the video as I explain: Mindfulness Prospers (And a Lack of Mindfulness Leads to Dicey Situations) I lacked mindfulness for a few seconds as I ate a potato that … [Read more...]

1 Tip for Handling Blogging Fires

The white screen of death. Your hosting company pulls your blog. Your prime income stream dries up. What do you do? Follow this piece of advice to handle blogging fires. Slow Down Your Thinking The first chapter of my eBook on blogging lessons I learned in Bali discusses an oft ignored blogging concept; what to do when the poop hits the fan. Things will fall apart with your blog at one time or … [Read more...]

1 Mistake That Destroys Your Blogging Brand and Business

My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I filmed a video explaining the dangers of using social media alone to build your online business. Check it out here: You know I am a stickler for branding. One look at my blog shows you I am clear on making my blog and online real estate all about my brand. This is obvious. I even wrote an eBook on branding tips for confused bloggers. It goes deeper than just … [Read more...]

How NOT to Feel Like You Are on the Outside Looking in with Your Blog

This morning I received a follow up email from someone. I had read an email of theirs the prior day. The individual seemed like their heart was in the right place. Good vibes overall. But they wanted to place a link on my blog and they came in cold. Stranger. In essence, they were on the outside looking in, being an outsider, or not being an insider, in my blogging circle of buddies. After the … [Read more...]

7 Blogging Lessons Learned from Colorful Street Walkers in Bangkok Thailand

I have seen the world a little bit. I often tie my travel experiences into blogging lessons. One experience involved me being stalked and chased by 2 street walkers in Bangkok. As I release my latest Blogging From Paradise eBook I want to help you build a successful blog through these lessons. If you’d rather watch me chat about the lessons via video just click the play link below: 1: … [Read more...]

1 Warning Analogy for New Bloggers Who Want to Make Money Online

Imagine walking into a classroom. You are taking a physics class in college. This is the first day. You look forward to learning the ins and outs of physics over the next few months, waiting eagerly for teaching lessons from your professor. You are new to physics; learning the basics is critical. So you expect your college professor to patiently teach you the fundamentals of physics, to lay the … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Help Fellow Bloggers

After publishing my new post on Blogging From Paradise and sharing a video to Facebook I want to expound on the secret of successful blogging: help other bloggers all day long. Watch the video to see me chat about the topic while wearing a pretty epic T-shirt of cats in space. OK, on to the tips Quora Help bloggers by answering questions on Quora. Share meaty, in-depth answers to be generous with … [Read more...]

3 Words to Help You Make a Connected Blogger

Help Without Asking. These 3 words will help you become a super connected blogger. Give freely. Receive easily. You will attract a huge network of loyal, loving friends when you give freely of your blogging knowledge across a wide range of platforms. Some want to know the secret of being connected. Look at the featured image for this post. I have answered 2,179 questions on Quora. Those answers … [Read more...]

1 Simple Tip to Attract Blogging Buddies to You

I received an email from travel blogging buddies of mine this morning. My friends Agness and Cez of etramping.com reached out to me for a chat. I noted instantly how they said they were chilling in SE Asia. Sweet. This is one of my favorite regions on earth, as I have spent about 4 of the past 6 years of my life in Southeast Asia. But after noting their location they did something which added some … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: The Missing Link

Energy. Or, energy management. I am not beating around the blogging bush today. If you struggle to increase your blog traffic you always have an energy problem. Here’s why: any lack or limitation or struggle roots itself in your fears. If you did not have those heavy fears, traffic would flow in like NYC Times Square during rush hour. But since you cling to some heavy fears – aka fear … [Read more...]

Are You Suffering from Blogging PSS?

PSS. Perpetual Student Syndrome. I filmed a quick video you can watch, enjoy and share now if you suffer from this blogging malady or know people who are having a tough time with this tendency. Video Learn. Learn. Learn some more. Then study, study, learn, buy a course, study it, learn, and then, wait on the sidelines because you are not ready to begin blogging, you tell yourself. Study a bit … [Read more...]

1 Shift to Increase Your Blogging Profits that You May Not Want to Make

I noted a trend on a few blogging groups recently. Some bloggers seemed to relish ganging up on folks who appeared to be cheap, flat out broke or bargain basement barterers. But the tire kickers of the world do you a wonderful service. They trigger the fear-based anger and annoyance you must clear to blog from love, fun and to rake in greater profits. Love and flexibility are highly profitable … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Tap into Boundless Blogging Energy

In the past few weeks I have been called the King of Guest Posting and the King of Blog Commenting. I just write words. I type away at a keyboard. No big deal. But in the same regard, I do realize that I have cultivated my energy to such a degree that established bloggers see me as some type of dynamo. I assure you; even though I am 1/4 Transylvanian (my grandfather was Romanian, from … [Read more...]

1 Damaging Beginner Blogger Mindset Meme that Has to Go

I regularly answer questions on Quora. One of the more common questions I see involves a beginner blogger asking how much time it will take to make a certain amount of money through blogging daily. This line of thinking is quite damaging, forcing you to see blogging as a job that yields a set amount of money during a set period of time. Like a 9-5 gig. Or a steady paycheck. Of course, nobody in … [Read more...]

3 Blogging Profit Boosters

“How can I make more money blogging?” You have likely seen this question thousands of times during your blogging career. For good reason; most bloggers struggle terribly to earn steady profits, or any profits, for that matter. By focusing on helping people and building friendships you lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign. But doing 3 things can boost your blogging … [Read more...]

3 Blogging Lessons I Learned Living in the Jungles of Costa Rica

A few years ago I lived in a remote jungle for 6 weeks. Check out this video I filmed from the hut where we spent time: Costa Rica. 3 miles away from civilization. Intense. Beautiful. Brutal. Fun. Enlightening. My wife Kelli and I saw toucans, Mealy Amazon parrots, sloths, monkeys, bullet ants, army ants and poison dart frogs. 7 scorpions and 8 bats lived inside the hut with us. This was a fun, … [Read more...]

How to Drive Blog Traffic: Pull Back on Checking Stats

Blog traffic flows to generous bloggers. Giving bloggers. One easy way to drive blog traffic is to pull back on checking stats, to free your energies for giving. Free givers find getting pretty dang easy. Generous bloggers busy themselves not with obsessing over their getting (stat checking) but focusing almost exclusively on giving through these channels: posting to their own blog guest posting … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Being a Blogging Chicken

I found a bizarre travel picture in my collection today. I snapped this image of a chicken-person in Pondicherry India a while back. Seeing the picture made me think; some bloggers are hungry to succeed on one hand but may be a bit of a blogging chicken, being scared to seize and capitalize on prospering opportunities. Video Watch this video as I explain how to be a bolder blogger. Or how to avoid … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Be an Accessible Blogger

Nuts. After visiting a handful of new blogs the past few days I spotted an alarming trend. A shocking number of bloggers are not easily accessible. Check that. An absurd number of bloggers cannot be reached. Are you bonkers! Seriously; imagine trying to grow an offline business without giving people a way to call you, email you, mail you or send you carrier pigeon messages. I was stunned at how … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Address Blogging Crickets

Blogging crickets. You hate them, right? You know exactly what I am talking about. After you work long and hard on your blog for weeks, you see no email opt ins. No sales. Little traffic. No comments. Nothing you do appears to be working. At this point, most bloggers either quit blogging completely or go into a blogging shell, reeling, and hiding away in a blogging cyber cave for weeks or months. … [Read more...]