Are You Hacking Your Blog To A Painful Death?

I read an article recently. I have read about 456 million similar articles during my 9 year blogging career. Hacks. Blogging hacks. The blogger covered a few key hacks aka tips aka techniques to GET as much possible from as little GIVING as humanly possible. Hey; I am all about leveraging. Love it. But in the same regard I understand how giving freely precedes receiving easily. I also know how … [Read more...]

Why It Literally Pays To Be A Picky Blogging Entrepreneur

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Or, where you choose to place your attention and energy, grows. Watch this video I recorded recently. I will explain this concept and why it literally pays to be a picky blogging entrepreneur: I recall one potential client asking me if I could help the individual build a 6 figure income through blogging over a 6 month stretch. I took a pass on that one. … [Read more...]

Why Should You Pick a Blogging Niche?

The world loves specialists. Generalists? Not really. At least when it comes to seeking advice from folks, or following their blogs, or soliciting their business. I explain why bloggers need to dive into this confusing but clarity-building aspect of picking a niche here: But what about if you can’t seem to pick one passion? Why should you pick a blogging niche, anyway? I read emails and … [Read more...]

Why You Should Follow a Diligent Morning Routine for Your Blogging Success

Wowsers! Every day at about 8:30 AM a stream of ice cold water hits my face. Then my back. Then my legs. This is after I meditate for 10 to 20 minutes. I do some light stretching. A wee bit of shadow boxing. 30 to 40 minutes later I dive into my blogging day. I explain via this YouTube video why you need a blogging morning routine. Not just coffee: I follow a diligent morning routine to promote my … [Read more...]

1 Skill to Develop for Moving Up in Blogging Circles Quickly

I write a bunch of guest posts. Usually I see 2-5 guest posts of mine published daily. Meaning I receive hundreds of comments on my guest posts monthly. Toss in the 30-80 to even 100 plus comments I receive on my posts at Blogging From Paradise and you get the idea I have a few comments on my creations. I can only respond to a few of these comments. Because my time, talents and energy are best … [Read more...]

1 Analogy Between Your Home and Your Blog

I filmed a video a few hours ago. I had to. Something grabbed my attention. A glaring mistake made by many bloggers in the money department which cripples your blogging growth. Watch as I explain: I delved into the idea of how being a cheapie can cripple your blog. I spied this problem for many years in the online realm. Bloggers fear spending money. Bloggers build their entire online campaigns … [Read more...]

Why I Reject 99 out of 100 Pitches and How to Be the 1

If you want to know how to pitch top bloggers you came to the right place. But first…. Did you know I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks? Did you know 124 are on Amazon? And that 2 are on Selz? Did you know my favorite sport? My friends know these facts. My blogging buddies.  Because these people are my friends. Friends get to know friends. Friends take the time to build bonds, to let … [Read more...]

5 Blogging Limiting Beliefs about Money that You Need to Release

You’ve had it with your blog. Goose eggs this month. Goose eggs last month too. No earnings. No prospects. You’re so disgusted that you’re even thinking of quitting blogging for good. Wait! Take a deep breath. Are you with me? OK.... <br> … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Boost Your Blogging Confidence

  I may appear to have always been confident, blogging-wise. If you come across Blogging From Paradise you may think I have reeked confidence, boldness and charisma during my entire blogging career. Fat chance. I had the blogging posture of a slouching earth worm for many years. I had the blogging confidence of an awkward yearling, walking for the first time, for a minute. I followed a few … [Read more...]

Why Blogging Critics Hold A Key To Your Success

Some of my biggest blogging breakthroughs happened after I fielded advice from critics. Sound weird? It’s not. I used to assail critics. Hated them. Years ago in a blogging galaxy far, far away, I would rally the troops to shame critics. Or I fought these folks, debating, arguing, defending, and finding other ways to waste my energy on folks who did not resonate with what I did. I eventually … [Read more...]

1 Way To Sell More Stuff Through Your Blog That May Confuse You

How you see the world is how you see yourself. How you see yourself is how you see the world. Young Grasshopper, before this turns into a Zen lesson, or a dissertation from a Blogging Yoda, I want to share this HD video I just recorded. I explain the idea of how powering up your self image boosts your blogging sales. Last week I visited Affiliate Summit East in NYC. I watched icons like John Chow … [Read more...]

1 Way To Release Cheapie Blogging Tire Kickers

My sponsored post rate is $500 per post. I begin there. Sometimes, when I quote the rate, someone comes along and attempts to barter. Even though I explicitly explain how my rates are non negotiable. If anything, the rates may go up. Anyway, the tire kicker blogger, cheapie types may volley back how they will offer me a volume aka bulk deal. If I offer them a discounted rate of $50 per post, they … [Read more...]

1 Tip For Avoiding Nightmare Clients And Fruitless Blogging Business Partnerships

I love the movie Rocky. Classic. Did you know how the movie came into being? Sly Stallone was broke when he wrote the script for Rocky. So broke he had to sell his dog – which starred in the movie as Butkus – because he could not afford to feed his dog. When he shopped around the script he had 1 condition: he had to play the starring role. No wiggle room there. Non-negotiable. Sly … [Read more...]

4 Blogging Lessons I Learned From 4 Blogging Big Dawgs At Affiliate Summit East

John Chow. Syed Balkhi. John Rampton. Zac Johnson. I attended their big dawg blogging seminar at Affiliate Summit East in New York City today. Each of these established, pro bloggers teaches you inspired blogging lessons. Let’s dive in. Lesson A1 Treating other people like human beings does wonders for your blog. Each pro stressed how if you’re willing to get to know these folks, and treat them … [Read more...]

1 Way to Land More Guest Posts that Most Bloggers Ignore

{}I filmed a video this morning underscoring one of the stranger things bloggers do. Or, what they don’t do. Most bloggers ignore this simple, practical tip, the best way to land more guest posts on all types of blogs. This powerful tip is pretty much completely overlooked by bloggers who create guest posts, eBooks and courses teaching folks how to place guest posts. All the pitch emails, … [Read more...]

How to Create So Much Helpful Blog Content It Makes People’s Heads Spin

{}It seems incredibly hard to become prolific until you follow a few simple steps. All the blog traffic and profits you crave flow your way if you churn out helpful content regularly. Being prolific feels challenging at first. Raising the content creation bar seems intimidating and even overwhelming if you lead a busy life. But if you decide to create content regularly – despite your ego … [Read more...]

1 Weird Money Limiting Belief that Holds Back Your Blogging Profits

{}Earlier today I read a comment from a blogger. Said comment exposed a common, damaging limiting belief that holds back blogging profits. The blogger explained how they had not made much money through their blog. But this was okay. Because they would rather blog in their authentic voice, from a genuine space, versus being dishonest and making money. The limiting belief: if you are an honest … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic through Free Methods

{}Are you struggling mightily to drive blog traffic through free methods? Don’t blame the tool. Blame the craftsmen. It feels tough to swallow your failures but owning your lack of blog traffic sets the foundation for a successful free marketing campaign. Drill this idea into your mind: you need to spend something to drive traffic to your blog. If you aren’t spending money you will spend your time … [Read more...]

Are You Struggling through this Common Blogging Mistake?

{} ; Most of your blogging nightmares are rooted in one terrible blogging mistake. The scant traffic. Non-existent profits. The lack of comments and small, lifeless email list and all your blogging struggles are the effect of this painful cause. Watch the video to see the root of your blogging struggles: New York City Tomorrow morning my wife Kelli and I will take the train to New York City. We … [Read more...]

5 Skills to Become a Successful Blogging Coach

{}If you want to build a steady blogging profit stream offering big ticket services makes your life easier. Being a blog coach is a rewarding, fulfilling and highly profitable way to render a useful service and to get paid handsomely. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of being a blogging mentor; following these 5 simple tips can help you go from inexperienced blogger to successful coach. As … [Read more...]

1 Common Mistake Made by Low Earning Bloggers

{}You can’t earn a fortune online penny by penny. You can’t even earn a steady online income penny by penny. Even the most skilled, popular, dazzling blogger cannot earn a rich income penny by penny. So why do struggling, low-earning bloggers believe they can earn a solid income through advertising revenue? The biggest problem I see with low earning bloggers is that they try to force a … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Flying Makes You a Successful Blogger

{}After cruising 36,000 feet above Thailand I realized that flying can dissolve your blogging struggles quickly. Learning through analogies helps you uncover successful blogging tips. Most of you have probably flown at least once in your life. I’ve been blessed to fly over 120 times during the last 6 years of circling the globe. Seeing these analogies gives you confidence. If you have flown you … [Read more...]

How to Build a Responsive Email List

{} ; ; Are you disgusted with your open or click rates? You have an engagement problem. Growing your email list can be maddening. After nabbing a few hundred or even a few thousand subscribers you may be ready to print money on demand with each new email you send to subscribers. Seeing a big fat Goose Egg in the sales department feels frustrating, if not completely deflating, after emailing your … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Blog Consistently

{}If you can’t seem to blog consistently you are suffering through a frustrating ride. Traffic up, then down. Then down deeper. Maybe you see a mini spike after posting for the first time in months. Then the bottom drops out. Almost like riding on a boat being tossed around in a hurricane. Cut through this wild, annoying, disheartening roller coaster ride by following 5 tips to: blog … [Read more...]