How Struggling Bloggers Can Boost their Traffic Despite Have No Connections

{}Are you terrified to start blogging because you feel you have no connections and zero clout? You see connected pro bloggers with huge networks and feel like “How in the heck am I ever going to get there?!” It can feel as frustrating as heck when you feel like an outsider. Or when you feel like nobody on earth knows about you, your blog, and your message. It almost feels like … [Read more...]

How to Blog When You’re Really Busy

{}Today was a chill day in Thailand. My wife and I went to the movies, had lunch at a cool little Buddhist vegetarian restaurant and also grabbed some sweet Thai treats at the mall. Factor in some offline house sitting duties and I find myself writing and publishing this post at 11:30 PM, Thailand time. Today is a perfect day to show how you can blog when you’re really busy. Life will … [Read more...]

How to Grow Your Email List Fast

{}After adding another 45 subscribers to my email list I’m sharing how you too can grow your list fast. You may be frustrated like the dickens at your list growth. 1 subscriber a week joins. 1 disappears. 2 join. 4 drop out. Annoying, right? By following these tips you can drive a deluge of traffic to your email list quickly. Note; this stuff works super well when you get clear and dive into … [Read more...]

6 Reasons to Build a Blogging Brand

{}Many bloggers resist building a blogging brand because it seems like too much work. The energy and time you put into brand-building may appear to be overwhelming at first but if you do it right this process becomes easy. If you understand the benefits of creating a brand for you blog you are more likely to dive into this profitable and powerful vehicle for becoming a successful blogger. Reasons … [Read more...]

How to Comment on Blogs (Graphic Example)

{}Are you annoyed about getting zero traction through blog comments? You may be doing it wrong. No sense wasting your time commenting on blogs unless you make an impact. I am not talking about drive-by comments. These 1-liner jobs have no place in your blog marketing campaign. I am talking about mindful, thorough, impactful blog comments. Read my blog comment on John Chow’s blog post for a … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Take to the Blogging Bank

{}Building a professional blogger career has been the most difficult and rewarding feat for me during my 42 years on planet earth. Which is exactly why I am sharing these 7 ways to make money blogging. You may feel that making money through blogging is nearly impossible. I feel you. It took me nearly 3 years to earn decent coin through blogging but only after I had some really tough, difficult to … [Read more...]

How to Sell 465 Audio Books Passively

{}I was pleasantly surprised to see I’m nearly halfway to selling 1,000 audio books. The cool part? Most sales have been passive. I had all but forgotten to check metrics until recently. Save a free giveaway for a week – for my first published audio book – I have given little attention and energy to promoting these bad boys. Why Sell Audio Books? leverage your presence by … [Read more...]

Are You Doing this with Your Blog Comments?

{}I am a story teller. You know this. But me telling my stories ain’t confined to my blog alone. I weave exotic tales via guest posts. I spin yarns through Quora. I tell travel tales through social media. I also know the secret to creating traffic-building blog comments: tell YOUR story. Through your comments. Generic, 3rd person accounts ain’t gonna cut it. Even if you publish a … [Read more...]

1 Tip to Go from Employee to Full Time Pro Blogger

{}You cannot outrun a life you fear returning to. I know. I tried. After struggling like a worm flip-flopping on piping hot concrete for years I finally understood this basic truth: to become a full time, professional blogger I had to face, embrace and release my fear that I’d have to be an employee again. I predominantly feared that I’d need to be a 9-5er again. Naturally, as I tried … [Read more...]

Why Not Sharing Income Reports Helped Me Retire to Paradise

{}Not sharing income reports helped me retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. I devoted virtually all my energies to giving. Not getting. To build this life. Devoting virtually all your energies to giving helps you live your dream life because when not preoccupied with getting, the getting becomes easier and easier. Don’t get it twisted; if you get clear on doing income … [Read more...]

3 Web Hosting Companies to Consider

{}OK. So you finally gave in and decided to purchase a domain and hosting, to blog effectively. Smart move. I was clear enough to begin my blogging career by buying a domain and hosting through Host Monster nearly 9 years ago. Peep the image up top. That is my home office today in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Choosing the right host (for me) gave me peace of mind and played a role in helping me build a … [Read more...]

Is a Blogging Mentor Responsible for Your Blogging Success?

{}No! This may be a prickly question to answer honestly. I know. I spent a minute blaming folks for my blogging failures. As a matter of fact, the guy who helped get me into the blogging and online money making game nearly a decade ago was one such backboard of mine. I blamed him for not helping me. I blamed him for keeping me out in the cold, for not being responsive, for not assisting me, for … [Read more...]

1 Travel Blogger Mistake and How to Fix It

{}I recorded a Facebook Live video today detailing a common digital nomad blogging mistake. Click the Play button to watch: (insert code) The same problem hamstrings many travel bloggers. Here in Chiang Mai, Thailand – the digital nomad capital of the world – too many traveling bloggers or traveling entrepreneurs just slum it. When Thailand cracked down on expats and travelers … [Read more...]

1 Bad Blogger Outreach Mistake

{}“I wish I could spend more time working one on one with the bloggers I’m tasked with reaching out to but time simply does not permit this.” After sifting through my email this morning in Thailand I came across a common blogger outreach mistake. Said blogger would have loved for me to link to their blog via my home page. They were all but prepared to ask with a “pretty, … [Read more...]

Should You Respond to Every Comment on Your Blog?

{}I read a question a few minutes ago on Quora. Said user wanted to know if they should respond to every comment on their blog. Yes. Of course. Unless you have 100 or more comments on your blog daily. Or unless you have 500 or more social media engagements daily. You should respond to every comment in a thoughtful, thorough manner. Here’s why: readers make up your blog community. Readers … [Read more...]

How to Be a Top 7 Most Viewed Blogger on Quora

{}Hey dudettes and dudes. Look up top. I reached #7 on the list of most viewed bloggers on Quora. Why would you want to be a top 10 blogger? Or a top 7? You get a chance to help folks by being prominent on the network. All those views – through the blogging category alone – means I am serving, helping, spreading love and having fun. Isn’t this why you blog? The Steps Follow these … [Read more...]

1 Tip for Becoming an Expert Despite Having Little Experience

{}If you are a newbie blogger you may feel becoming an expert is nearly impossible. But this belief is not true. From this day forward, you have 1 weapon in your expert-building arsenal. This weapon levels the playing field. This weapon cuts your learning curve by years. This weapon helps you build your blogging authority quickly. What is the weapon? Honesty. Or, integrity. Or, being genuine. Or, … [Read more...]

1 Common Mistake I See on Instagram

{}I spent a few hours this morning stalking folks who followed me or liked my updates on Instagram. I’d click through to their profile, would like one of their updates and clicked through to the website said users provided. I spotted a few weird trends: some users linked to no website at all some users linked to squeeze pages some users linked to outdated or flat out dead blogs One glaring … [Read more...]

7 Blogging Lessons I Learned from a Forced Internet Fast

{}Recently I experienced a forced internet fast (where I did stuff like play with mosquito killing tennis rackets). The internet connection in Myanmar was not too hot. Factor in a nasty stomach situation and you have said fast. Instead of complaining like a baby who lost its rattle I’m sharing 7 blogging lessons during this period of solely offline activity. To help you gracefully embrace your own … [Read more...]

How to Blog on the Road

{}Are you ready to hit the road? But are you afraid that you won’t be able to run your blog effectively while you’re traveling? I was that guy. 8 years ago. But I changed my tune, left the comfort of my native USA and have circled the globe for the past 6 years as a full time digital nomad. I wrote an eBook to help you circle the globe as a pro blogger – you can buy it here – but … [Read more...]

How to Get Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

{}Ready to beat writer’s block for good? I’ve self-published 126 eBooks and thousands of blog posts during my online career. The tips I’ll share below work darn well. But you need to develop a skill to use each tip properly. The skill? Heightening your powers of observation. 10 minutes ago I walked to the pharmacy here in Myanmar. Wifey and I are … [Read more...]

How to Interact with Busy Pro Bloggers

{}In many cases you may only have a few seconds to impress a busy pro blogger. Being a world traveler and pro blogger I field emails and social media requests every day. I often enter into prospering partnerships with folks who are skilled, savvy, heartfelt networkers. These folks know how to interact with busy pro bloggers. If you follow these tips you increase the likelihood of building … [Read more...]

How to Become a Nimble Blogger

{}Being agile helped me through more seeming blogging fires than you would believe. The White Screen of Death. Hacked blogs. Blogs taken offline by hosts. When the dooky hits the fan either you rigidly snap like a heavy, leaden oak tree or bend and sway in the breeze like a coconut tree in a hurricane. During my world travels through the tropics I’ve seen coconut trees savaged by obscenely … [Read more...]

1 Secret Ritual Experienced Pro Bloggers Follow

{}No 1080 p videos here. Nor hours of social networking. Less guest posts. Less blog posts. Less everything. At 8:21 AM here in Yangon, Myanmar. I fully embrace 1 secret ritual experienced pro bloggers follow. The internet goes out regularly in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Infrastructure growing as it slowly but steadily opens up to the outside world. From 8-10 nightly the internet goes out … [Read more...]