How to Increase Blog Traffic: Quora

Quora is a well-known Question and Answer platform through which you can drive blog traffic. Tap into a high volume of targeted people who want specifically what you have to offer on your blog. Avoid spamming, share value, be persistent and you will attract readers to your blog through Quora. I see comments from readers who note how they found me through my answers on the platform. Follow these … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Feature Other Bloggers

Life is good. Over the years, I planted the seeds for driving blog traffic by featuring other bloggers via quick snippets on my blog. Many of these rocking, successful bloggers became my friends. Said friends promote me tirelessly, around the clock, from all corners of the globe. Why? I tapped into a powerful, passive form of driving blog traffic: featuring other bloggers. This sounds … [Read more...]

How to establish your brand on Pinterest (and make it popular)

This is a guest post by Larry Alton If you’re a ‘picture paints a thousand words’ kind of person, then Pinterest may be a great option for you. Its tight-knit community and visual focus make it an ideal board for circulating and popularizing your ideas. And while it may not be as popular as Facebook and Instagram, it still has more than 150 million active users each month. Pinterest also has a … [Read more...]

A Productive September and October = a Happier November and December

Why planning your holiday promotions now can lead to greater success — and less stress — come November and December. The holiday season seems to move into our lives and stores earlier and earlier. Christmas decorations appear on shelves before Halloween. Stores make space for Halloween costumes before summer’s end. No longer is there an official start to the holiday season. And no … [Read more...]

A Desert Island Paradise … and a Great Podcasting Course

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman showed off an incredibly easy (no, really) way to boost the power of your content, make it more audience-friendly, and even enhance your SEO. On Tuesday, things got a little silly when we asked our editorial team what their “desert island” copywriting technique would be. Come check them out — with Read More... The post A Desert Island Paradise … … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Guest Posting

As we continue with ways to increase blog traffic I want to dive into guest posting. When I asked my Facebook Friends the other day how they drive blog traffic Zac Johnson noted how guest posting is probably the best way to increase traffic to your blog. I agree with him. You get sweet SEO benefits plus introduce yourself to established, loyal audiences. I have written and published over 1,000 … [Read more...]

205: 5 Obstacles Bloggers Face (And How to Get Over Them)

How to Overcome 5 Blogger Obstacles As I record this, I’m just home from our first ProBlogger event of the year in Brisbane and am preparing for our next one in the coming days in Melbourne. The Brisbane event was really worthwhile. We heard from Pat Flynn, Jadah Sellner, James Schramko, Kelly Exeter, Shayne Tilley and Laney Galligan and had a couple of days of great teaching and inspiration … [Read more...]

The Showrunner Podcasting Course Is Open (For a Limited Time)

Yes, the course is open (temporarily). Yes, I want you to join our community. Yes, podcasting is an excellent marketing channel. But first, we need to answer the question burning inside your brain … Who is The Showrunner Podcasting Course for? Now, I’m going to be one of those guys and answer your question with Read More... The post The Showrunner Podcasting Course Is Open (For a Limited … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Make Friends with Influential Bloggers

Everybody wants to befriend influential bloggers but few know how to go about bonding with blogging big dawgs. I want to share 7 tips to help you build meaningful, lasting, prospering relationships with the most successful bloggers in your niche. When you get these down cold you will see increased blog traffic, greater profits and even more prospering opportunities opening up for you on the … [Read more...]

7 Common Newsletter Problems Solved

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at why email newsletters are so important, what your email newsletter might look like, and how to choose the right service for you. So is your newsletter up and running yet? If the answer is “Yes”, is it working as well as you’d like? If not, then read on. I know a lot of bloggers find newsletters a bit daunting. And there are some really common problems that … [Read more...]

What’s Your ‘Desert Island’ Copywriting Technique? Answers from Our Team

You’ve been shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, somewhere with blue skies and dazzling aquamarine waters. But after some time passes, no matter how big a fan of sushi you are, the appeal of your solitary paradise starts to wane. You’ve amassed a fine collection of rocks — suitable for crafting, let’s say, a copywriting message. Read More... The post What’s Your … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Effective Blog Commenting

Blog commenting. One of my favorite ways to increase blog traffic. As we move forward in our series on boosting blog traffic I want to share a vastly ignored but super powerful way to drive traffic to your blog, like bees to honey. Effective blog commenting builds friendships with other bloggers which leads to long term traffic, through cross-promotion. Sweet, right? But short term, effective blog … [Read more...]

211: Creating a Successful Podcast – Advice from Pat Flynn

Advice from Pat Flynn on How to Create a Successful Podcast Today I have a treat for anyone who has ever considered starting a podcast (or already has one), because I’ve just finished a Skype call with Pat Flynn about the art of podcasting.   As I’ve mentioned in the past, Pat’s teaching on podcasting is the number one thing that helped me as I was starting the ProBlogger podcast two years … [Read more...]

One Ridiculously Easy Way to Enhance the Power of Your Blog Posts

The overall aim of your blog is to help your audience with the issues they struggle with while also educating them on what they need to know to do business with you. That’s too much responsibility for just one article, so each blog post you publish can be thought of as a piece of your Read More... The post One Ridiculously Easy Way to Enhance the Power of Your Blog Posts appeared first on … [Read more...]

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Promote Other Bloggers

Do you want to figure out how to increase blog traffic through a simple, easy to follow strategy? Watch this video as I explain: Online Traffic and Offline Traffic I snapped the featured image for this photo in Hanoi, Vietnam. Traffic is kinda heavy there with millions of motorbikes on the road. Getting a surge of online traffic to find its way to your blog gets easier if you will get over … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Make More Affiliate Income as Bloggers

This is a post by ProBlogger expert Jerry Low. Promoting affiliate products is still one of the most effective ways to make money from your blog. Jayson DeMers points to affiliate marketing as an excellent entry-level place to begin monetizing your blog in this Forbes article, because it is easy to implement and free to start up (just taking a bit of your time). One of the great things about … [Read more...]

The Massive Numbers Behind Snapchat’s Daily 10 Billion Video Views

These days we can put all our content and immortalize it on the web. But the mobile app Snapchat does the opposite – you post your story and it disappears within 24 hours. Who would have thought that this crazy idea would turn out to be such a big hit? The app definitely made changes with how smartphone users create videos and make use of filters and the company continues to revolutionize … [Read more...]

What you Missed Last Week at ProBlogger Evolve

Opening keynote at this year’s ProBlogger Evolve event. Photo credit Grace Henley Photography. ProBlogger training events have been something I’ve been running for bloggers here in Australia (and the region) since 2010. They started that first year with a hastily arranged event (in just a few weeks) for 120 bloggers who crammed themselves into a little suburban hotel here in Melbourne. … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Trimming Blogging Fat to Boost Online Profits

Trimming blogging fat is a simple way to boost blogging profits. Letting go of unclear, not necessary, distracting widgets, posts or pages helps you get clear on your blog. If you get clear you align yourself with profitable ideas, prospering partnerships and all manner of profit-building experiences. As I release my new eBook: How to Trim Blogging Fat to Boost Online Profits I want to share 10 … [Read more...]

206: Personal Brands vs Business Brands for Blogs

Is There a Right Way to Brand Your Blog? I’m just back from our Aussie Problogger training events where we ran masterminds with around 40 bloggers per city. In those days speakers spent time with small groups of attendees in round table discussions where attendees could ask us any question they liked. One of the questions that I got asked repeatedly through both masterminds was around whether it … [Read more...]

5 Things to Do When Your Blog Is Offline

Blogging From Paradise is offline today for maintenance. I want to share 5 things I’ll be doing today to grow my blogging business despite my blog being offline. It is too easy to complain about down time but in all cases, it is what it is, meaning, being a pro blogger means accepting outages. In today’s case, my blog is being migrated to a new server. In other cases my blog has been … [Read more...]

Blog Metrics: Why You Need to Stop Focusing on ‘Vanity’ Stats

In a recent ProBlogger Mastermind, I shared a slide that seemed to hit a nerve with the group. While having lots of page views, sessions, fans, followers and even email subscribers may feel good, they don’t actually tell you anything about the health of your blog. I included this in my Mastermind session after having several conversations with bloggers that all started something like this: … [Read more...]

The Bold and the Stressful: Smart Ways to Make a Big Move

Sometimes, you just have to muster your courage and do something Big. It might mean making a brave statement with your content, or creating a splash by launching something new and amazing. On Monday, Brian Clark shared a strategy for telling a more gripping story by using the framing power of contrast. And he showed Read More... The post The Bold and the Stressful: Smart Ways to Make a Big Move … [Read more...]

1 Profitable Way to Handle Blogging Pitches

After receiving a few pitches to join affiliate networks I want to share how I handle these pitches to help folks and to boost your profit potential. One blogger reached out to me from a fairly established site in the digital nomad niche. The blogger asked me if I wanted to promote an affiliate opportunity for a prospering partnership. My plate is full on the affiliate front unless a trusted … [Read more...]