Google’s New Long Snippets, Influencer Disclosure Guidelines, How to Build Links in 2018, Speedlink 50:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Snippets and meta descriptions have brand-new character limits, and it’s a big change for Google and SEOs alike. Learn about what’s new, when it changed, and what it all means for SEO in this edition of Whiteboard Friday video below. What Do Google’s New, Longer Snippets Mean for SEO? Influencer Disclosure Guidelines: … [Read more...]

Ways To Prevent Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property, or IP, is a major driver of today’s economy. IP comes in the form of websites, blogs, software, and even logos. Since much of IP is locked up in the thoughts and ideas behind the website, software, or graphic, the final product is intangible. That means it isn’t possible to pick up IP and hold onto it with your hands. That intangibility and the difficulty in … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Managing Client Invoices

Running a business means collecting money from your customers. The time-honored way of collecting payment is through invoicing customers with a detailed list of the products or services you provided. It’s a necessary part of your bookkeeping if you’re going to keep money flowing in. But if bookkeeping isn’t your strong point or you don’t have much time to balance your … [Read more...]

Content Flow to Maximize SEO, Changing Article Dates (safe or risky), Optimizing a YouTube Channel, Speedlink 49:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Controlling and improving the flow of your on-site content can actually help your SEO. What’s the best way to capitalize on the opportunity present in your page design? In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he covers the questions you need to ask (and answer) and the goals you should strive for in today’s Whiteboard … [Read more...]

How To Find The BEST Products To Private Label Using Jungle Scout

Are you looking for a product to sell on Amazon, but don’t know where to start? Or making hit and miss investments into products that only seem to make little to no sales? Here’s the thing… Finding a product to sell on Amazon isn’t hard. There’s more than 480 million products being sold already in the USA alone plus another 485,000 that join Amazon every … [Read more...]

How much can you make from freelance writing?

For many people, being a freelance writer is a great way of earning valuable side income, while giving them the freedom to work from home. This is great if you’re busy working on your physical product business, affiliate sites, digital product sites, or anything else for that matter. Some people even do freelance writing as their full time profession. One of my family members, who is at … [Read more...]

Online Tools That Bloggers Can Have At Their Disposal

Top 5 useful online tools for bloggers Move over magazines, blogs are here to stay! From literature to travel to food and lifestyle, the average millennial’s life is empty without following up on their favourite blogs. What’s not to like? They are basically first-hand compact accounts that involve tutorials, reviews, opinions, and the like. There’s something available for … [Read more...]

Targeting Competitors Keywords, Semantic HTML5 for Content Writers, Google Chrome Extensions for SM Marketers, Speedlink 48:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. You don’t want to try to rank for every one of your competitors’ keywords. Like most things with SEO, it’s important to be strategic and intentional with your decisions. In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he shares his recommended process for understanding your funnel, identifying the right competitors to … [Read more...]

The Essential WordPress Website Maintenance Guide For All Businesses [Infographic]

There is no denying the fact that WordPress is an awesome CMS to build your website with. It is reliable, SEO friendly, flexible and provides you with tonnes of plugins that helps to improve and secure your website. However, once you have built a website, taking care of its upkeep and management is extremely important if you don’t want your years of hard work to go to waste. Website … [Read more...]

Paid Ads Influence Organic Results, Optimize Retargeting Ad Campaigns, Content GAP Analysis, Speedlink 47:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. It’s common industry knowledge that PPC can have an effect on our organic results. But what effect is that, exactly, and how does it work? In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he covers the ways paid ads influence organic results — and one very important way it doesn’t. How Google AdWords (PPC) Does and … [Read more...]

Google Gives Insights on Search Intent, Tools to Simplify Twitter Marketing, Successfully Promote Infographics, Speedlink 46:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. When Google isn’t quite sure what a searcher means just by their search query, the results (appropriately) cater to multiple possible meanings. Those SERPs, if we examine them carefully, are full of useful information. In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday below, he offers some real-world examples of what we can glean just by skimming … [Read more...]

How To Create An Infographic And Gain Quality Backlinks

There’s no doubt infographics have grown to become a key strategy in many bloggers’ marketing strategies. It’s no surprise why posts with infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a purely textual article.  In fact, according to from 2015 to 2016, the use of visual content presented in articles increased by a whopping 130%, with 41.5% of marketers agreeing that … [Read more...]

SEO Optimization Part 3: Simple Strategies For On-Page SEO

So we got all the technical SEO out the way in the last post. Which if you haven't read, I suggest you do so before reading this. In part 3 we're going to be focusing on on-page SEO strategies to enhance your user experience. This is solely based around offering highly relevant and authentic content to the user. Content that is perceived as 'high-value' to both the user and … [Read more...]

SEO Optimization Part 2: Handling the Technical SEO First

So in the last post we covered the main functions of search engine and how it influenced the need for SEO. In this post, I'm going to cover ways that you can optimize your site using technical SEO. Technical SEO can get pretty complex. There's a lot of depth in this topic, but knowing everything isn't necessary for you as a marketer. You only need to focus on making sure your … [Read more...]

SEO Optimization Part 1: The Basics and Why It's So Important

If you're in the online marketing space, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may be a word you always seem to hear every now and again. And if you want to build a sustainable long-term business online, SEO is something you need to take a closer look at if you haven't already. Why? Online search is the biggest traffic source for online marketers, with 93% of online experiences starting … [Read more...]

SEO Optimization Part 4: Simple Strategies to Boost Off-Page SEO

In the last part of this series we'll cover how to improve your SEO strategies by focusing utilizing off-page SEO. And the term is pretty much explains itself... ...Search engine optimization, off of your web page. But specifically speaking: Off-page SEO is focused around in building backlinks to your page from other high authority websites.  When Google sees that other high … [Read more...]

How to Create A Mobile Optimized Squeeze Page

Do you want to learn how to create effective mobile squeeze pages?  One that can be done in 10 minutes but still powerful enough to boost your opt-in rates? Because let's face it, there is truth in the saying: "The money is in the list." And whilst other methods like marketing with social media may work, you can't sustain a viable business without building a … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Keywords For Online Sales

In the digital age, not having an online presence established for your business is what some might consider now as business suicide. It’s almost unthinkable as to why businesses would forego making a mark in the online stream due to the many great benefits that being online presents to them. Customers no longer are just restricted to hearing about and being influenced by the trimedia (TV, … [Read more...]

Timeless Link Strategies, Social Media Tools For Success, Monetize YouTube Video Content, Speedlink 45:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. This week, we pay a special tribute to the late SEO pioneer Eric Ward. His link strategies formed the foundation of many of today’s smartest approaches to links. In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday below, he covers several that are as relevant today as they were when Eric first started talking about them. Link Strategies that Stand the … [Read more...]

Improve Keyword Research and Targeting, SEO Ranking Factors in 2017, Content Marketing Strategy Guide, Speedlink 44:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. One of the most helpful functions of modern-day SEO software is the idea of a “keyword universe,” a database of tens of millions of keywords that you can tap into and discover what your site is ranking for. Rankings data like this can be powerful, and having that kind of power at your fingertips can be intimidating. In … [Read more...]

Advanced Search Operators For SEO Link Building

First things first, Google has went from being just another “Internet” company to a super sophisticated, advanced and powerful search engine. And while that has apparently improved the quality of search results it offers to its users tremendously, it has also affected the way SEO should be done just as much. With the old spam SEO techniques no longer “cutting it,” … [Read more...]

Building A Strong Link Structure, YouTube Video Optimization, Secrets To Increasing Your Lead Conversion, Speedlink 43:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Which link is more valuable: the one in your nav, or the one in the content of your page? Now, how about if one of those in-content links is an image, and one is text? In Rand’s video below, you will learn why not all links are created equal, and getting familiar with the details will help you build a stronger linking structure. How … [Read more...]

All-In-One Content Headlines, SEO Content Strategy, How Bloggers Monetize, Speedlink 42:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Have your headlines been doing some heavy lifting? If you’ve been using one headline to serve multiple audiences, you’re missing out on some key optimization opportunities. In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he gives you a process for writing headlines for SEO, for social media, and for your website visitors — … [Read more...]

Modern Online Marketing Strategies That Work

Shouting into the void, that is what bad and outdated marketing can feel like sometimes. It pretty ineffective too as you aren’t going to get the people that you want to hear your message to engage with what you are saying that way. So it’s vital that you update your online marketing strategies,  so they are effective, and make use of all the latest methods. To find out how to do … [Read more...]