People losing it over this ‘creepy’ Netflix tweet really don’t understand the internet

Yesterday Netflix freaked out some subsets of internet culture with a relatively harmless tweet some are now calling ‘creepy.’ The tweet read: To the 53 people who've watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you? — Netflix US (@netflix) December 11, 2017 ‘A Christmas Prince,’ starring… doesn’t matter, you’ve never heard of them, is a Netflix original about an undercover … [Read more...]

1 in 4 Small Businesses Believe Their Payment System Can’t Handle a Holiday Rush

The holiday rush, while full of opportunities, also comes with plenty of challenges for businesses. Processing payments can be one of those challenges if you don’t have a reliable system in place to maximize all of that extra business. This is actually a pretty big problem for small businesses. According to a recent Stealth Survey, which was conducted on behalf of TD Bank (NYSE: TD) at the … [Read more...]

A point of view

That's the difference between saying, "what would you like me to do," and "I think we should do this, not that." A point of view is the difference between a job and a career. It's the difference between being a cog and making an impact. Having a point of view is different from always being correct. No one is always correct. Hiding because you're not sure merely makes you … [Read more...]

Guess What I Make and Win $100 Cash!

Take a guess at how much I will make today and you could win $100 cash! Watch the video then enter now. Good luck! *PLEASE NOTE – Entries are only accepted at my YouTube channel. Entries made here will NOT count. Please take your guess here. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model! … [Read more...]

DocLab exhibition asks “Are robots imitating us or are we imitating robots?”

DocLab Expo: Uncharted Rituals. Exhibition view in de Brakke Grond, part of the International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam. Photo Nichon Glerum Jonathan Harris exhibition in de Brakke Grond, part of the International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam. Photo Nichon Glerum The 11th edition of IDFA DocLab closed on Sunday at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. An integral part of the … [Read more...]

Bigger isn’t better: Smaller engineering teams are the key to innovation

We used to make scientific leaps. Engineers, scientists, and manufacturers once made bold steps and drove the human race forward. Less than 10 years passed from developing jet engines to launching a supersonic aircraft into the sky and 20 years from the first fully automatic computer to one that took us to the moon. Now? Most engineering teams make progress by the inch, despite their relatively … [Read more...]

These 10 Community Tips Will Help You Meet Your Business Goals

What’s your goal for your small business in 2018? Do you want to improve conversion rates? Break into influencer marketing? Step up your social media game? No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish, members of the online small business community can help. Here are some useful community insights that can help you reach your new year goals. Improve Conversions with These WordPress … [Read more...]

Where would we be without failure?

Failure (and the fear of failure) gives you a chance to have a voice.... Because failure frightens people who care less than you do.         … [Read more...]

Keyword Research Tips for Social Media

Social media is a massive generator of traffic and you should have a solid campaign in place. Through social media businesses and single bloggers have been able to generate traffic quickly which otherwise would have taken months. However, even in social media it’s important to have a solid keyword research strategy. Social media platforms use keywords to organize content being shared just like … [Read more...]

IDFA DocLab: my favourite interactive documentaries

Over the course of its 10-ish years of existence, the IDFA DocLab festival has been gaily exploring the narrative potentials of augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive documentaries and artificial intelligence. Their program, which is part of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, features an exciting mix of hi-tech entertainment, innovative ideas and socially-engaged … [Read more...]

How to stop fearing black box AI and love the robot-ruled future

A winding thread throughout the entire “AI is going to rise up and destroy all humans” narrative is the terrifying concept of deep learning occurring in a black box. How do you provide oversight for a system you can’t understand? Just like any other tool, however, it’s not whether black box AI represents a danger or not, it’s how we choose to use it. The headlines declare this kind of AI … [Read more...]

The Secret Sauce to Beating Your Competition with Reviews

Sponsored Post It’s been reported that for every star a business gets, it will see an increase of approximately 5-9% in business revenue. So if an increase like that sounds good to you, start paying attention to those reviews. What would be the benefit of a 5-9% increase in your business? Whatever the answer is, would it be worth spending an hour or two per week responding to online … [Read more...]

The minimum critical mass

For your idea to spread, your app to go viral, your restaurant to be the place, it's likely you'll need to hit critical mass. This is a term from physics, describing the amount of plutonium you need in a certain amount of space before a nuclear reaction becomes self-sustaining. Once enough people start driving your new brand of motorcycle around town, it's seen by enough people that it becomes … [Read more...]

When Should You NOT Have a Blog for Your Business

Here’s a common question I get asked a lot and I know many of you are confused because you might think it’s a great idea for every business to have a blog. However, after consulting many businesses over the years, I’ve learned about some instances where it might NOT be a good idea to have a blog. Even though many of you might consider a blog a great way to get the point across to your audience … [Read more...]

Using respiration to mine crypto-currencies

Max Dovey, Breath (BRH), 2017 Max Dovey is an artist, researcher and lecturer whose performances explore how the human experience is affected by data and algorithms. His works include a bar which bouncer is in fact an image recognition software that only admits partygoers who look hipster enough, a game show that investigates the role of human labor in the production of image recognition … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Did You Know feature is a one-trick pony

Facebook today announced it was releasing a feature called Did You Know, which allows users to answer pre-written questions which their friends and followers can then see. To use it, open a new status, and, under the list of things you can add to the status (such as requests for recommendations or location tags), click “Answer a Question.” Then you’ll be given a question to answer. Once you’ve … [Read more...]

#MetLifeSmallBiz Twitter Chat Breaks the Internet with Discussion on Business Culture

Sponsored Post From shared values to the flexibility your employees crave and a rockin’ benefits package — there are many aspects to attracting great talent. But keeping that talent is also a challenge, what with bigger enterprises often swooping in to recruit your best and brightest. Maybe that’s why our latest MetLife Twitter Chat “Build Culture, Win Talent: Driving … [Read more...]

Reading at work

Most organizations think nothing of having twenty valuable employees spend an hour in a meeting that's only tangentially related to their productive output. But if you're sitting at your desk reading a book that changes your perspective, your productivity or your contribution, it somehow feels like slacking off... What would happen if the next all hands meeting got cancelled and instead the … [Read more...]

Remember Your Email Subscribers Are People

We’ve talked about the power of email marketing and how an effective campaign can generate thousands of leads. However, you need to make sure you know the fundamentals of email marketing so your follow-ups will resonate with your readers. One of the biggest mistakes I hear my clients making is they forget who their subscribers are and what I’m talking about is them being “human beings”. When you … [Read more...]

Smart guide for connected objects, activism on the dance floor, cooking with phones, a human Alexa. Just another edition of the DocLab conference

The DocLab Interactive Conference closed at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam on Sunday 19th of November. An integral part of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), DocLab looks at how contemporary artists, designers, filmmakers and other creators use technology to devise and pioneer new forms of documentary storytelling. There’s an exhibition, an immersive network summit, … [Read more...]

How texting changed language

The humble SMS is 25 years old today. Even though it’s still absolutely relevant, its popularity has ebbed as a consequence of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. It’s worth reflecting on how fundamentally transformative SMS was on language. Although texting wasn’t necessarily the origin of acronyms like LOL, G2G, and WTF, which were borne from services and technologies as … [Read more...]

Top of Mind Helps Businesses Stay Relevant in a Crowded Global Marketplace

In Top of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter To You branding expert John Hall helps readers build a business that continually generates leads, customers and referrals in a marketplace that is growing more crowded by the day. What is Top of Mind About? Top of Mind addresses the rise of a customer-driven market, where customers have more options to choose from … [Read more...]

Your soft skills inventory

The annual review is a waste. It's not particularly useful for employee or boss, it's stressful and it doesn't happen often enough to make much of an impact. If you choose to, though, you can do your own review. Weekly or monthly, you can sit down with yourself (or, more powerfully, with a small circle of peers) and review how you're shifting your posture to make more of an impact. Some of the … [Read more...]

The Rules of Email Marketing – Follow CANSPAM

Email is massive and it’s a great way to generate enormous about of engagement to your blog. Through a solid email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to increase return visitors, conversions, brand awareness, and profits. Neil Patel from has stated it would be impossible for him to generate 100,000 visitors to his blog WITHOUT a solid email marketing campaign in place. However, … [Read more...]