Razer’s new mouse tries to prove wireless peripherals don’t have to suck for gaming

Choosing the best mouse for competitive gaming largely comes down to preference and just a few key specs, but there’s one consistent piece of advise you’ll hear from gamers: don’t buy a wireless mouse. At least, that was the thinking until relatively recently. Now Razer wants to prove wireless peripherals can operate on a professional level with its new $140 Lancehead mouse. See, though wireless … [Read more...]

Amazon unveils Echo Look, a $199 AI assistant that gives you fashion tips

In something of a surprise announcement, Amazon just announced a completely new category of Alexa-powered device. Say hello to the Echo Look, a $199 voice and camera powered AI assistant that is meant to help you dress better. Yes, you read that right: it’s main purpose is to give you fashion tips (and get you to buy clothes off of Amazon). Great, now robots are judging my outfits too. It works … [Read more...]

Tecla’s revolutionary tech helps differently-abled people use touchscreens

There’s a quiet, yet fundamental dignity in being able to do things for yourself. It’s something you don’t really notice until it’s gone. Take something as simple as using a smartphone. These aren’t just communications devices – they’re a true Pandora’s Box of secrets. We use them to traverse our interpersonal relationships. They’re where we work. Where we date. You get the idea. Imagine if you … [Read more...]

Stream everything you want whenever you want with a Getflix lifetime subscription – just $39

It’s an increasingly common problem — with geo-blocking, content owners keep many of your movies, TV shows, and other tasty entertainment options locked up behind arbitrary international firewalls. It’s always the viewer who suffers… so make sure you don’t fall prey to Netflix, Hulu or anyone else’s geo-restrictions ever again with a lifetime subscription to Getflix, available now at just $39 from … [Read more...]

Samsung won’t sell zombie Note 7s in the US

Samsung announced just yesterday that it would bring the Note 7 back to life through a refurbishing program. That might’ve elevated your spirits if you were one of the people who held onto their device for dear life, but unfortunately it will do you no good if you live in the US. In a short statement provided to Reuters, Samsung said it “will not be offering refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices for … [Read more...]

Samsung confirms the Galaxy Note 7 is making a comeback – sort of

Samsung went through the fire with its now-discontinued Galaxy Note 7 flagship, but it seems the company isn’t quite done with the handset. In a fresh press release, the South Korean behemoth announced its plans to recycle all returned Note 7 devices into fully functioning “refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable.” To avoid another string of explosions, Samsung will coordinate this in … [Read more...]

Crazy shoulder wearable wants to help you attract a mate

Ever wanted to attract a few glances? Put these two alien-looking anemone on your shoulders, and problem solved! The anemone are part of a larger, upper-body wearable called Ripple. It’s designed to alert you when someone is staring at you — via two cameras within the shoulders — by sending a shiver down your back with the wire shoulder rig. If you turn to look at your admirer, Ripple will tap you … [Read more...]

Sony could soon make wireless phone-to-phone charging a reality

As both Samsung and Apple are toying with the idea to bring wireless charging to the upcoming Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 flagships, Sony seems to be quietly gearing up to leapfrog both companies with a killer new tech. According to a recently published patent application, the Japanese heavyweight appears to be working on a futuristic wireless functionality that enables power charging and data exchange … [Read more...]

HTC teases “unexpected surprise” on March 20, perhaps the HTC 11

HTC is teasing some kind of announcement for March 20. The company’s Taiwan Facebook page posted an image saying ‘Spring is coming,’ along with a caption that Facebook translates to “HTC will give you an unexpected surprise.” It’s logical to think the announcement may be the HTC 11, a successor to the excellent HTC 10. Given the 10 was announced in April 2016, the timing seems about right. But I … [Read more...]

Amazon and Google’s voice assistant speakers could soon become your next landline

While most folks are ditching their landlines because they now have a phone with them wherever they go, they might make a comeback as a feature in voice assistant speakers, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ’s sources, Google and Amazon are considering adding the ability to make and receive voice calls to the companies’ Home and Echo devices respectively. They’re currently … [Read more...]

Radioactive Ming vases echo our toxic dependency on electronics

Each object is made from the amount of toxic waste created in the production of three items of technology - a smartphone, a featherweight laptop and the cell of a smart car battery. Besides, the vases are sized in relation to the amount of waste created in the production of each item continue Article by we make money not art. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Nexus 5 and 1-year Unlimited Talk-and-Text from FreedomPop: 65% off

Google’s version of Android offers a great mobile operating system experience, and the Nexus series of phones matches it with great hardware. In particular, the Nexus 5 offers high-end looks and specifications at an affordable price. It runs on a 2.26 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, powering a pixel-packed 1080 × 1920 display. It also sports an 8MP rear-facing camera, a 1.2MP front-facing … [Read more...]

Hands on with Microsoft HoloLens: My evening at the Holographic Academy

No doubt about it. HoloLens, the “mixed reality” headset under development from Microsoft, really lit up the company’s rather academic Build 2015 keynote. First unveiled at its Windows 10 event in January, HoloLens is a headset device that allows you to see high resolution 3D content at a 1:1 scale within the existing environment. Much of the HoloLens excitement is generated by the mystique … [Read more...]