The 400 million dollar company helping people find the right fitness class

Who doesn’t love options? But as psychologists have pointed out, choice overload can make you question the decisions you make before you even make them. And if you’ve been paying attention to the growing boutique fitness class trend,  you know that the options are endless – and slightly overwhelming. It used to be that you went to class at your local gym. Now there’s pilates, yoga, barre, spin … [Read more...]

Windows Story Remix is Movie Maker on steroids

Microsoft today announced the launch of Windows Story Remix – the company’s brand new creative application designed to let Windows 10 users easily edit photos and create video content. Windows Story Remix bring the ability to create rich visual content, and marries it with a compelling social element, allowing you to work on projects with your friends and colleagues. You can share footage, and … [Read more...]

CityMapper is making the unusual move of launching its own bus service

I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Citymapper — the developer of the popular public transport application — is launching its own bus route in London. Wired UK broke the story earlier today, and you can read more about it on Citymapper’s blog. Essentially, the company is launching its own circular route around Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridge, using two different buses – one large, and one small. … [Read more...]

Mark Zuckerberg finally addresses the string of violent deaths on Facebook

Facebook has unintentionally played host to an unfortunate string of horribly violent incidents over the last few months and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is finally addressing the issue head-on. In a new post on his personal Facebook account, the young leader announced the company will be expanding its operations team – which already has over 4,500 members – with 3,000 new hires in order more efficiently … [Read more...]

This is how much it costs to visit your favorite sites

I rarely ever pay attention to how much it costs to open websites from my smartphone because I live in Europe where we have affordable mobile data plans, but for those of you that don’t – there’s a website that can calculate that for you. Created by developer Tim Kadlec, WhatDoesMySiteCost is a nifty web-based tool that can estimate the rough cost of visiting any website on the internet. All you … [Read more...]

Apple might make you wait unusually long to get the new iPhone

All signs seem to suggest Apple might be about to break tradition and make you wait unusually long for the next-generation iPhone. Esteemed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has predicted the Cupertino heavyweight could begin mass production for the upcoming OLED iPhone with a slight delay, 9to5Mac reports. The analyst claims production will likely be pushed back to October/November … [Read more...]

Study to be a Cisco networking master with nine certifications for just $49

If you’re going to be an IT specialist, knowing all there is to know about Cisco Systems hardware and networks isn’t a bad place to start. Cisco remains the preeminent tech titan for bringing complex business networking into alignment – so being an expert in their universe of products is a sure-fire way to put a charge into your job prospects as well as your income bracket. In fact, Cisco network … [Read more...]

Behold the hippest tech on Earth: Blockchain for peer-to-peer solar energy markets

Most of us are aware of the environmental benefits of solar energy over fossil fuels, we’ve heard it numerous time: blah blah, cleaner air, blah blah, sustainability, and so on. You know, less world-endingly in general. But adopting new energy sources won’t just mean cleaner energy, it can also lead to better utilization of the energy we’re producing. Many companies have been developing ways for … [Read more...]

Tecla’s revolutionary tech helps differently-abled people use touchscreens

There’s a quiet, yet fundamental dignity in being able to do things for yourself. It’s something you don’t really notice until it’s gone. Take something as simple as using a smartphone. These aren’t just communications devices – they’re a true Pandora’s Box of secrets. We use them to traverse our interpersonal relationships. They’re where we work. Where we date. You get the idea. Imagine if you … [Read more...]

Amazon’s new dashboard gives parents eyes on their kids’ browsers

Amazon is adding a special dashboard for parents of tech-savvy kids to help them track their kids’ activity on Amazon devices. The dashboard and other features are an update to Amazon FreeTime, a parental control feature Amazon has had for years. With this, parents will get daily reports about their kids web activity. Parents, you’d be able to see what your kid plays, reads, and looks at in little … [Read more...]

Add MacBook storage without the added bulk with the Nifty MiniDrive — just $29.99

Maxing out the available storage on your MacBook can create a bigger hassle than you’d expect. And if you want external storage, that usually means using up a USB port and toting around an external drive pretty much everywhere you go. Instead, boost your storage capacity by another 256GB with the Nifty MiniDrive for MacBooks, available now for just $29.99 from TNW Deals. Just slide the MiniDrive … [Read more...]

Samsung won’t sell zombie Note 7s in the US

Samsung announced just yesterday that it would bring the Note 7 back to life through a refurbishing program. That might’ve elevated your spirits if you were one of the people who held onto their device for dear life, but unfortunately it will do you no good if you live in the US. In a short statement provided to Reuters, Samsung said it “will not be offering refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices for … [Read more...]

Learn Android development by build 14 full-functioning apps

Numbers don’t lie. Over 80 percent of the world’s mobile devices run on Android. Those devices account for about 40 percent of the entire globe’s web traffic. That’s a huge market for developers. Start connecting — and creating — for the Android community now with the Complete Android Developer course, which is on sale now for $17 (91 percent off) from TNW Deals. Your course is led by top-rated … [Read more...]

Help us help: 20 used smartphones to fight Female Genital Mutilation

Worldwide, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of charitable organizations. That’s great of course, but the amount of phil-entropy doesn’t make choosing what charity to support any easier. We’d like to help. Every week, we’ll pick a charity doing something worthwhile using tech, and break down what they do, why that matters, and most importantly, how to help in a tangible way. To kick … [Read more...]

Did Braintree Payments just kill a successful Serbian taxi startup?

Absence often inspires innovation. For Serbian entrepreneur Vuk Guberinic, the lack of ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft in Belgrade spurred him to launch his own taxi-hailing app, Car:Go. Car:Go had some initial success, but things have quickly unraveled, and now the business is in a desperate battle for its survival. According to Guberinic, this is due to the actions of Braintree Payments … [Read more...]

A lifetime of elite VPN protection is just $39

If you want to protect your privacy while you’re out-and-about, it’s essential to use a VPN. You can lock in a great price on one of the world’s most reliable VPN providers with a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited, available for just $39 from TNW Deals. VPN Unlimited are great, but don’t just take out word for it — they were rated as PC Mag’s Top VPN of 2016 and the September 2016 Best VPN … [Read more...]

Discover the power of data by learning Google Analytics — for just $29

Making the Web work for you and your projects or products doesn’t have to be all trial and error. There’s a wealth of data available to tell you how potential customers are finding you online and how they’re interacting with your pages. Google Analytics pulls all that information together, and with the Google Analytics Mastery Course ($29 from TNW Deals), you’ll learn how to understand your … [Read more...]

HTC teases “unexpected surprise” on March 20, perhaps the HTC 11

HTC is teasing some kind of announcement for March 20. The company’s Taiwan Facebook page posted an image saying ‘Spring is coming,’ along with a caption that Facebook translates to “HTC will give you an unexpected surprise.” It’s logical to think the announcement may be the HTC 11, a successor to the excellent HTC 10. Given the 10 was announced in April 2016, the timing seems about right. But I … [Read more...]

This creepy company wants to make money by knowing when you’re going to die

For many it might seems strange, but there’s big business in buying life insurance from people in the US. A number of companies are willing to pay you a nice sum for your policy and cover your premiums — in exchange for collecting the life insurance when you pass away. Simply put, businesses will give you money now, and cash in once you drop dead. If you’re one of these companies, wouldn’t be … [Read more...]

Think you know Microsoft Office? Learn the Office only the pros know — for just $29 (85% off)

For every trick or little-known tip you’ve picked up while using Microsoft Word or Excel or PowerPoint over the years, you know there are at least a dozen more gems of execution and efficiency hidden away in there that you’ve never uncovered. And those are just the most popular Microsoft Office programs! Now, you can take the full tutorial on all the crown jewels of the Microsoft Office … [Read more...]

Become an educated, certified currency trader for just $25

For most of us, the world of high finance and international markets is both hugely mystifying, yet seductively alluring. Whether you’re looking to break in as an investment manager or just get a firmer grip on your own financial options, the New York Forex Institute Training and Certification Course (on sale now for $25 from TNW Deals) will give you the background you need to decode all those Wall … [Read more...]

Film company trolls pirates with a KickassTorrents clone, forgets to seed

Costa Rican film distributor Romaly has come up with an amusingly elaborate and creative scheme to convert pirates into legitimate customers. The company has set up a fake clone of popular torrent portal KickassTorrents hoping to lure in illegal downloaders and steer them away from actual torrent sites. Much like the real thing, contains images and screenshots, IMDB rating as … [Read more...]

Exhibit at TNW Conference for free – courtesy of Startup League

This May, 15,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and early-adopters will descend on Amsterdam for TNW Conference. They’re not just coming for the A-list speakers and awesome networking – they’re coming to explore the latest products, platforms and software offered by companies like yours. For the past five years, our Boost program at TNW Conference in Amsterdam has helped young startups secure the … [Read more...]

This powerful, pocket-sized Windows 10 PC can be yours for under $200 right now

As nifty as they are, smartphones still can’t do all the hardcore computing you expect from a desktop or laptop. And even carting around a laptop can get pretty cumbersome after a while. But if you move now and get the Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 Pocket PC, you’ll have the full processing power of a desktop or laptop PC… all in a compact package the size of a portable hard drive. Right now, you can … [Read more...]