Ronan Galvin of Kickstagram: Marketing Automation Led to 282 Percent Increase in Revenue in 8 Months

{} Kickstagram co-founders Ronan Galvin and Casey Mathews developed a platform to help businesses automate engagement on Instagram. But according to the duo, it wasn’t until they started using InfusionSoft’s marketing automation platform that they were able to simplify a complicated and time-consuming onboarding process that improved the customer experience. And within eight months, Kickstagram … [Read more...]

Livestreaming Entrepreneurs, Here’s How Virtual Assistants and Chatbots Boost Success

{}In 2016, Facebook opened up its Facebook Messenger app to third-party chatbots. Businesses are being encouraged to make chatbots work well with Messenger to serve 1.79 billion monthly active users on Facebook, one billion of whom are active on Messenger. The mass-market potential of chatbots is that its “technology will simply understand and do as the human asks,” reports Gartner. Research cited … [Read more...]

Pam Dierks of Dierks Farms: Marketing Automation Allowed Sons to Continue 137 Year Old Family Tradition

{} At this year’s annual InfusionSoft user conference, ICON, I had the opportunity to speak to the finalists for the 2017 Small Business ICON award. The finalists include: African Leadership University Dierks Farm Kickstagram While each of their stories are unique and compelling, they all share a commonality of how marketing automation positively impacted their business success. Which is why we’ll … [Read more...]

Bob Jenkins of Leadpages: Most Small Businesses Still Don’t Believe They Need Landing Pages

{} It’s 2017 and there are multiple surveys out there saying more than half of small businesses out there still don’t have a website. And, according to an upcoming survey from Leadpages, even many of those with websites don’t understand why landing pages are important – why they need pages optimized for converting site visitors into contacts and leads. While on the exhibition floor at … [Read more...]

Rob Forman of Salesloft: Startups Can Succeed by Providing Simplicity, But Simplicity is Hard to Deliver

{} Recently I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of startup founders discussing the current state of entrepreneurship during Salesforce’s Small Business Basecamp event in Atlanta. And while the focus of the conversation was on entrepreneurship in Atlanta, the shared themes, experiences and advice offered up is great for anyone with an entrepreneurial dream regardless of where they live. The … [Read more...]

Behind the Marketing Curtain: An Interview with Influencer Marketing Wiz Amisha Gandhi, SAP

From emerging social media channels to the rise of artificial intelligence, the exciting cyclone of change often drops us marketers into unfamiliar territory—and we have to find our way home. Thankfully, the marketing industry is flush with talented marketers leading the way, and we often look to them for tactical insights to navigate the winding road and avoid fields of deceiving poppies. … [Read more...]

Michelle Huff of Act-On: Adaptive Journeys Leverage Machine Learning to Scale Personalization for Customers

No two customers are exactly alike. And that being the case, it’s highly unlikely their journeys to “customer-hood” are the same either. As more channels and devices continue to proliferate, different people or companies will take several routes to becoming a customer. So it’s becoming more important everyday to find ways to make sure that path leads to your business. That means having your … [Read more...]

DC Mosquito Squad: The ROI of Automating a Small Business

How do you scale a business to grow, and do it cost effectively? That’s the challenge facing many small business owners.  You want to grow your business, but sometimes it feels like you can’t get out of your own way. One small business figured out how to do it by using automation. Damien Sanchez (pictured), founder of DC Mosquito Squad, a Washington D.C. area business, joins Anita … [Read more...]

Interview With Founder of Lawnmower

Three classmates got together to provide a world with another amazing tool that could help them in their day to day life. They wanted to help you in your efforts to save money and hence Lawnmower was launched on April 9. Only within a few days, this startup has managed to create a lot of buzz. And that’s how it caught our attention. So, our team thought of interviewing the founder Alex Sunnarborg … [Read more...]

How The Founder of TaskUs Went From Zero to 1500 Employees in 5 Years

In 2009 and armed with only a couple grand, Bryce Maddock opened the first TaskUs office in an old building on the floor above an elementary school in the Philippines. Since then, he’s grown TaskUs to more than 1,500 teammates providing customer care and back office support to 60 of the world’s most innovative companies. His company is committed to invest at least $25 million in the … [Read more...]

Brewing Online Success With Kombucha – Dave Lindenbaum Interview

“Kombucha” Dave Lindenbaum helps people brew “The Tea of Immortality” aka Kombucha. His website is dedicated to everything kombucha and as it turns out, he’s quite the internet marketer. Here’s why you should listen to Dave: In a relatively short amount of time, he’s turned a passion into profits and reaches thousands monthly by  leveraging social media, … [Read more...]

Daniel Cid Interview – Defending 250,000 Websites From Hackers Every Month

Daniel Cid has spent well over a decade securing people’s websites, so they don’t have to. The Founder/CTO of Sucuri specializes in intrusion detection, log analysis (log-based intrusion detection), web-based malware research and secure development. He’s known for creating the free open sourced OSSEC HIDS (Intrusion detection system) and founding Sucuri. He’s also the … [Read more...]

Small Business Spotlight – Get Organized Now!

{}In the first of an ongoing series of interviews showcasing small business success stories, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Gracia of Get Organized Now! As a Professional Organizer, Maria’s business helps people organize their homes, offices, and schedules to free up more time to spend on things they love. What I found particularly interesting was Maria’s willingness … [Read more...]