Email Marketing Metrics to Analyze

Email marketing is massive to build recurring engagement and I encourage everyone to have a funnel collecting subscribers when visitors arrive on your blog. However, having a solid email marketing campaign is NOT the only thing that’s going to increase your traffic because you have to analyze the statistics to find out what works. Email is an awesome marketing tool to waste and the unfortunate … [Read more...]

How Joanne Perry Makes $921 In 1 Day

{}Joanne Perry is 64 years old and semi retired. She has zero internet marketing experience but was teachable and applied what she learned. In her first two months as an Internet marketer, Joanne was able to make $921 in one day. I sat her down for an interview to find out how she did it. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model! Article by John Chow … [Read more...]

Why Goal-Setting Goes Wrong and How To Fix It

Its normal we all set goals and having them can help with your productivity. I’ve researched several successful entrepreneurs and found something in common with all of them – they all set monthly goals checking them off as they are completed. Did you know the late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are prolific goal setters making sure they write everything down in the beginning of the month? Setting … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

A running joke I have with my friends is that I am fueled by caffeine and Wi-Fi. If I have these two items in place, it really can’t be all that bad. If I have neither, I’m probably not going to be very functional. Truth be told, I live a lot of my life on the Internet — both on my computer and on my smartphone — and I spend a little too more time on social media than I … [Read more...]

Main Ingredients of a Successful Blog – Follow This Winning Combination

Many bloggers often get confused with the main elements of building a successful blog. With so much information online you can get confused very easily on what factors you should focus on when first starting a blog. However, I’m here to tell you that you can build a successful blog by simply focusing on “3” very important factors. These “3” factors will help guide your blog setup, content creation … [Read more...]

Gmail Labs Features You Need to Enable Right Now

Most of us use Gmail to manage the majority of our email. Many people recognize that Gmail is useful for so much more than just your actual email address, because it can easily handle the email for your professional domain too. It’s a really powerful and robust platform that ties into everything else that you’re already going with Google and it leverages the same kind of … [Read more...]

Creative Productivity Tips for Bloggers

Once every week, I like to write about motivation, success, and productivity. When you’re a blogger, it’s very easy to lose motivation because progress does take time and with enormous competition, it can be tough to stay positive. However, over the years, I’ve learned to utilize cool tips to keep me moving in the right direction. For example, on my wall, I have various tips, quotes, pictures, … [Read more...]

Top 5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Social media can be a wonderful and glorious thing for businesses of all sizes. In theory, it levels the playing field because everyone has access to theoretically the same audience; you just have to get their attention. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop on the corner or you’re a mega corporation, you still have to play by (mostly) the same rules. And yes, that means … [Read more...]

Tips to Build Serious Domain Authority – Part 1

Domain authority is a metric introduced by MOZ to add value to an entire website. This metric works hand in hand with Page Authority to give others a good idea of the value an external link will provide when on that page. However, there are several factors influencing both these metrics and over time, we have learned a lot about the direct factors. Before I continue, MOZ has indicted the “Domain … [Read more...]

Shorty Shrinks, Cloaks and Tracks Your Affiliate Links

Do you know what’s the surefire way to spot a newbie affiliate marketer? It’s the person using affiliate links straight copy-and-pasted out of the affiliate dashboard. Not only are his affiliate ID and offer ID in plain site as part of the URL, but he’s not taking advantage of all the other opportunities for tracking and optimization. Don’t be that guy. While there are a … [Read more...]

How To Build Serious Domain Authority

We’ll be looking at some of the factors that contribute directly to increasing domain authority. The premise behind this philosophy is if you can get links from high domain authority websites, then you’ll benefit with higher rankings. However, there are some elements you have control over that contribute directly to increase DA over time. Utilizing the Tools Here’s a great way to build domain … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Improve Site Content and Conversions with Online Video

As bloggers, it’s probably quite easy and fast for us to come up with a nice 500 to 1,000-word article for our sites and call it a day. The benefit of written content is that it’s great for SEO and it brings a sense of ‘freshness’ to our sites if we are publishing on a somewhat consistent basis. However… is ‘text content’ the best option for you and your … [Read more...]

Monetized Web Push Notifications with ReachMobi

By far two of the greatest challenges you will face in your professional life as an Internet marketer are finding more effective ways to reach a wider audience and then figuring out how best to monetize that reach for maximum profit. As the web continues to change, evolve and mature, so must your methods. In today’s review, we take a look at a new product called ReachMobi. Their solution, … [Read more...]

3 Awesome Tools for Generating Blog Post Ideas

Depending on your definition, I’ve been blogging for 17 years. That’s a long time. In the last ten years, I’ve published thousands of posts on my personal blog, Beyond the Rhetoric, not to mention the countless others I have written for a number of other websites. One of the most persistent challenges that I have had to face along the way is coming up with new and interesting … [Read more...]

5 Things You Should Know About the YouTube for Creators Program

One of the biggest and most popular platforms on the Internet today is YouTube. The video sharing and streaming site is ripe with opportunities to make money online, but you have to know where to start, how to build your audience and how to maximize your earnings. If you’re new to YouTube, or even if you’ve been uploading cat videos to YouTube for years, you might not have any idea … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Email List

Have you built up a list of email subscribers, but none of them are buying from you? If you have a list and you’re not making money from those people, you need to be doing a different strategy. Here are the top ten ways to start making money with your list right now. 1. It’s Not The Size of The List, It’s The Relationship with The List Most online marketers think by merely … [Read more...]

The Single Biggest Reason People Share on Facebook

There is an inherent danger in building your business on rented land. In the context of Internet marketing and making money online, this could mean relying too much on social media as a means of generating traffic and revenue. Even so, the power of Facebook simply cannot be denied, even if Mark Zuckerberg is severely limiting your organic reach. What can you do to help it along? As a general rule … [Read more...]

How To Get Authority Bloggers To Share Your Content Effectively

Did you know you can double or even triple your traffic within a few hours by networking with authority people? I created an expert post asking all the interviewee’s to share it once published and it generated 2-3 times more my daily traffic in “1” hour. The power of networking and having the right people on your team cannot be underestimated. This is why guest blogging is so effective at … [Read more...]

What Will SEO Look Like In The Next Six Months?

With all these changes taking place in Google it’s no wonder people are a bit concerned over how SEO will be changed going forward. However, it’s important to know that with all these algorithm changes we’ve learned a lot about the direction Google is taking us. I’ve noticed a trend developing and have started to leverage what I’ve learned. We can already conclude that Google will keep making SEO … [Read more...]

A Step-By-Step Guide to YouTube Cards

There are many ways you can go about making money on YouTube, including more indirect channels like building up your online brand presence. What’s important to note is that YouTube is much more than a simple system where you just upload your videos and hope for the best. You should be taking some time with your video titles, descriptions and tags. What’s more, YouTube offers many other … [Read more...]

How to Monitor Google Alerts with Feedly RSS

No matter the niche or industry that you want to cover, there are basically two main content strategies you can take with your blog. You can focus on writing as much evergreen content as possible. These would be blog posts that should be practically as relevant a year from now as they are today. Alternatively, you can focus on writing blog posts that are as timely as possible, commenting on … [Read more...]

Marketing Tips That Help Win Customers – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my marketing series and we’re looking at ways to market your blog increasing traffic and engagement. If you’ve been blogging for years then you’ve probably tried many different marketing methods tweaking them along the way. However, for beginners it important to use the methods that work and NOT to invest in those which produce no results. The good news is you have several … [Read more...]

How to Run an Amazon Giveaway

One of the more popular ways to build up your online audience and generate some positive buzz around your brand is to run a contest. People love entering contests almost as much as they love winning them. You could run a giveaway directly on your blog, perhaps using a third-party utility like Rafflecopter, but then you’d have to deal with all the logistics of the contest yourself. … [Read more...]

How To Create Content That Won’t Rely on Google for Traffic

There is no argument Google is the best source of traffic through organic optimization. However, it’s important with the shifting trends that you start to rely on other forms of traffic. I’ve always been a big fan of NOT being dependent on a single traffic source because if you lose it, then you’ll be left cold. Even though it’s important to have a solid SEO campaign in place, it’s even more … [Read more...]