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Fellow Malaysians :

Do you own a blog or a website ? Are you still struggling to get more visitors to your site and try to find a solution ?

You may have beautiful website or blog, but without the traffic, you won’t see any sales or orders. Your blog or website will compete with millions of blogs and website created everyday.


You will need something different, and must be One of a Kind, Attention Getting and Rarely seen by visitors.


I have the perfect solution for you :


Let me introduce you to : Website Animated Presenters.



What is this Website Animated Presenter ?

This is the best 2D, 3D and Human-Liked animated human presenters which will talk and greet your website’s or blog’s visitors with the state of the art Text to Speech voice technology.

This is the most advanced Text to Speech Technology in the market today.


Engage your visitors with this awesome looking website animated presenters.


You can help your visitors to take certain action or offering them incentives, discounts or even give them free gifts by buying from your site.


This animated presenter will work perfectly on any device or browsers. It is desktop, mobile and tablets friendly.


Ideal for all types of websites or blogs such as personal, ecommerce, education, hotels and hospitality industries,  manufacturing sectors, travel industries etc..

To read more on this Website Animated Presenters, please go to : http://wwww.busine55.com/WAP



Pricing for the Web Animated Presenters : ( Specially for Malaysian websites/blog owners )

Basic Web Presenter :

– RM 100 per page on your website OR Blog, per website presenter. In fact, you can add to unlimited pages on your website or blog.


– Choose any presenter from 2D or 3D character.


– Text to Speech option, with Own Text OR Ready Made Scripts. You can also edit the Ready Made Scripts.


– Language : English only and Voice either Male or Female.


– Call to Action : You can choose either with Or without Button.


– Can choose Auto Play, Close after Playing, Blackout Mode or Play once per visit.


– Display Immediately OR On Exit.


Pro Web Presenter :

– RM 180 per page on your Website or Blog, per website presenter. In fact, you can add to unlimited pages on your website or blog.


– Choose any presenter from 2D, 3D, or Human Presenter.


– Text to Speech option with Own Text OR Ready Made Scripts. You can also edit the Ready Made Scripts.


– Language : You can choose any Languages you like from the list, beside English language. We will translate the language for you. Your Website Animated Presenter will speak the language you have chosen. Voice can choose either Male or Female.


– You can choose Call to action, either None, Button OR with Autoresponder function.


– You will get the Countdown Timer set up.


– Can choose any functions you like : Auto Play, Close after Playing, Blackout Mode, Play Once per visit OR Show Mute Button.


– You can display Immediately, Set Timer or On Exit.


– You can add your own video after the Presenter finished your message.
( you need to have your own video OR anyone’s video on Youtube or Vimeo)


(If you need help to add the code to your website or blog, we will add the code of the Presenter for you, FREE ).


Want a Live Demo?? Send me an email, and I will get the demo up for you.


You will see the website presenter “live” action on your website OR blog.


There are 2 Payment methods.


Payment : Bank to Bank Direct Bank In. Once payment is clear, we will be in touch with you either by email OR by Call, to activate the project for your website or blog.


Please send me an email OR via my Contact Form, prior to making any order, if you have any questions.



Join me on my Facebook Page for a more immediate response. http://www.facebook.com/wapmsia


Let me know what do you need and what is your current website or blog is about.


By Credit Card, Major Credit Cards and also with Paypal. Payment will be processed by Paypal.






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 The above Bonuses will be given in a separate page from our website for you to download. More items will be added from time to time. Only buyers of WAP will enjoy these.


 PLUS : Please send me your request by email for GDrive Offer.